Supporting The Operations of Angkasa Pura II, Bank Jateng Disburses 700 Billion Rupiahs Working Capital Loans

SLEMAN – PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) signed a working capital credit facility agreement with PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah or Bank Jateng on Friday (22/10/2021) at Prambanan Jazz Cafe, Sleman.

The working capital credit facility is worth of 700 billion rupiahs for the next 4 years.

“This is an interesting thing sincethe  state-owned institutions such as Angkasa Pura II is willing to cooperate with the regional banks. Therefore, we are trying to support their operations,” said the Managing Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, after the event.

The man who is familiarly called Nano said this collaboration is a joint work that must be appreciated since it can strengthen the existence of BUMN in the region and create a sense of the region ownership.

“It’s good, in the future, state companies can cooperate with the  regional banks,” he said.

Dwi Agus Pramudya, the Finance Director of Bank Jateng added, this collaboration is like a tit for tat. During the Covid-19 pandemic, AP II had deficiency income, moreover it needs support for the cash flow from banks.

“On the other hand, banks, including Bank Jateng, have a liquidity surplus due to declining credit demand. Therefore yes, there is this synergy. Our business, overall is also quite good,” he explained.

Responding to this, the Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT Angkasa Pura II, Wiweko Probojakti said, this collaboration with Bank Jateng is an opening way to collaborate with the more regional banks.

According to him, AP II can ask airport heads to be able to establish the relationships with banks in the areas where they operate, regarding its any funding.

“AP II has never had any exposure to the regional banks. In fact, we operate at 20 airports in 17 provinces. Currently, our revenue has dropped to 50 percent, which we never had in debt before,” said Dodit.

He explained that within this three years period, his party is optimistic that it will be able to pay off the operational credit from Bank Jateng since the air travel traffic may be able to return to normal.

In addition, there is a strategic partnership that has been directed by the Ministry of SOEs therefore  the situation at AP II can recover quickly.

“Next year, we are optimistic that domestic flights will start operating normally. Looking at the current situation, there are more healthy people than sick people. Hopefully the herd immunity will be formed soon,” said Dodit.