You can still shop what you want, safe savings, use your favorite gifts

Again BM (Many Want)? Want to buy a smartwatch, want to try it, want to change your smartphone, or crave a new bike? do you want to be paid by Bank Jateng? Can. Skuy .. Join the Happy Gift Program.

The Fancy Rewards program is a direct reward program for customers. How to get prizes by topping up and locking up your balance with a choice of time periods ranging from 6 months to 24 months. Just choose the prize and immediately get the prize you want. What are you waiting for, take advantage of the opportunity to top up and lock your balance with a fun gift program. Top up and lock now.

Period Program

February – 31 December 2021

Choice of Prizes

  • Cash / Shopping Vouchers / Digital Wallet Balance *
  • Goods
  • Staycation voucher (staying at a hotel in 1 (one) city)

    *) Depending on the availability of each branch


  • Have an Individual Private Savings / Giro account at Bank Jateng
  • Fresh Fund Funds (sources of funds come from outside Bank Jateng through cash deposits / transfers)
  • Not valid for customers who make withdrawals from one Savings / Giro / Deposit to another that are already in Bank Jateng
  • Minimum Top Up balance
New CustomersTop Up start from Rp 2.500.000,-
Loyal CustomersTop Up start from Rp 5.000.000,-


–  RekeninAccounts are not given a special rate

–  Taxes on prizes are borne by the customer in accordance with applicable regulations

–  The lock up period varies, namely 6 – 24 months

–  The 2020 program prizes in the form of cash, goods or tour packages submitted to customers no later than 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of joining the program

– Gift of Goods, the Customer determines the desired prize if the price of the desired item is lower than the nominal value of the Like Prize received after deducting tax, then the difference is more nominal than the price of the item, still given in cash by crediting it to the customer’s account.

–  Submission of gifts must be followed up by signing the Minutes of the delivery of prizes

–  Consultation of prize choices can directly contact the nearest Central Java Bank.

For further information, please contact the nearest Central Java branch or sub-branch office, Bank Jateng Call Center at 14066

or want to be contacted by the nearest Central Java Bank for fear of leaving the house, please fill in the form Click here

Choice of Gift Items and Vouchers

The following is an estimate of the nominal prize, the nominal top up of the savings, and the time period for locking up the savings balance:

  1. Voucher
KlasifikasiBarang / Top upHarga Beli (Rp)Saldo (Rp)Waktu Lock
Tokopedia Gift Voucher100k100.000,-                         5.000.00012 Bln
 200k200.000,-                       10.000.00012 Bln
 300k300.000,-                       15.500.00012 Bln
Token Listrik100k100.000,-                         2.500.00024 Bln
 200k200.000,-                       10.000.00012 Bln
 300k300.000,-                       15.000.00012 Bln
Pulsa100k100.000,-                       20.000.0006 Bln
 200k200.000,-                         5.000.00024 Bln
 300k300.000,-                       10.000.00024 Bln
Top Up E-money/ Dompet Digital100k101.500,-                       20.000.0006 Bln
 200k201.500,-                       11.000.00012 Bln
 300k301.500,-                       15.500.00012 Bln
Spotify Premium1 bulan60.500,-                         3.500.00012 Bln
 3 bulan181.500,-                         9.500.00012 Bln
 6 bulan330.000,-                         9.500.00024 Bln
Viu Premium3 bulan90.000,-                         5.000.00012 Bln
 6 bulan180.000,-                         9.500.00012 Bln
 1 tahun360.000,-                         9.500.00024 Bln
Indomaret50k51.000,-                         9.000.0006 Bln
 100k101.000,-                         5.500.00012 Bln

Choice of Prizes depends on the availability of each branch and the prices above are approximate prices

  • Elektronik
SmartphoneGalaxy S21 Ultra 5G18.999.000,-                     475.000.00024 Bln
SmartphoneGalaxy Note 10+12.999.000,-                     325.000.00024 Bln
SmartphoneIphone 12 Pro Max 128 GB20.500.000,-         Bln
SmartphoneIphone 12 Pro 128 GB18.500.000,-                     925.000.00012 Bln
TabletGalaxy Tab A with S Pen (2019, 8’)4.499.000,-                     115.000.00024 Bln
Earbuds TWSJabra Elite 75t2.990.000,-                       75.000.00024 Bln
Earbuds TWSGalaxy Buds +2.199.000,-                     110.000.00012 Bln
Earbuds TWSJBL Free X (Earphone TWS)1.199.000,-                       60.000.00012 Bln
Smart AssistantGoogle Nest Mini 2020 (2nd Generation)799.000,-                       40.000.00012 Bln
Foldable mobile gimbalDJI Osmo Mobile 31.499.000,-                       75.000.00012 Bln
LaptopAPPLE Mac Book Air Retina 13’ memory 256 GB (2019)16.499.000,-                     415.000.00024 Bln
Smart TV55″ Q70T QLED Smart 4K TV (2020)16.499.000,-                     825.000.00012 Bln
DroneSg 907 GPS 5G 4K-H Wifi Fpv Dual Camera Fhd1.499.000,-                       37.500.00024 Bln
MicrowaveMG23K3505AK Grill dengan Browning Plus, 23L 1.699.000,-                       42.500.00024 Bln
KulkasSamsung RT32 Kulkas 2 Pintu dengan All-around Cooling™ 321L6.199.000,-                     155.000.00024 Bln
Mesin CuciLG 15 kg, Front Loading AI DD tm dan TurboWash tm, ThinQ tm dengan wifi10.387.000,-                     525.000.00012 Bln
ACLG 0,5 T13EV4 Dualcool AC Split (1,5 PK)5.050.000,-                     255.000.00012 Bln

Choice of Prizes depends on the availability of each branch and the prices above are approximate prices

  • Sepeda
Folding BikeElement – ecosmo Z96.290.000,-                     160.000.00024 Bln
Road BikePolygon Strattos S7 Disc Brakes22.500.000,-                     565.000.00024 Bln
MiniveloTern Surge Pro 202133.000.000,-                     825.000.00024 Bln

Choice of Prizes depends on the availability of each branch and the prices above are approximate prices

  • Otomotif
Motor MaticHonda Scoopy19.950.000,-                     500.000.00024 Bln
Motor MaticHonda PCX30.350.000,-                     765.000.00024 Bln
Motor MaticYamaha NMAX33.750.000,-                     845.000.00024 Bln
Motor SportCBR 15035.900.000,-                     900.000.00024 Bln
MobilAll New Honda Brio149.000.000,-                  3.725.000.00024 Bln
MobilToyota New Yaris266.250.000,-                  6.675.000.00024 Bln
MobilMitsubishi Xpander278.900.000,-                  6.975.000.00024 Bln
MobilNew Honda Civic Turbo533.000.000,-                13.350.000.00024 Bln
MobilToyota All New Corola Altis491.900.000,-                12.300.000.00024 Bln
MobilToyota New Fortuner TRD Sportivo509.900.000,-                12.750.000.00024 Bln
MobilMitsubishi Pajero497.900.000,-                12.450.000.00024 Bln

Choice of Prizes depends on the availability of each branch and the prices above are approximate prices