Wonogiri Regent Gives Appreciation to Bank Jateng which Continues to Improve Services

WONOGIRI – The proud and happy face radiated from Bank Jateng Head’s face of Wonogiri Branch and all Bank Jateng’s employees of Wonogiri Branch, their enthusiasm was evident from meeting the number 1 (one) person in Wonogiri Regency, in the Briefing and Coaching Program of the Wonogiri Regent which was summarized in a gathering atmosphere in very solemnly and filled with togetherness.

Bank Jateng Head of Wonogiri Branch, Indrajaya Harun Al Rasjid, said thank you to the Regent of Wonogiri who was willing to attend, provide motivation, and direction to all of the employees of Bank Jateng.

He said, this was a special moment since he could gather and chat directly with the Regent of Wonogiri. It is hoped,¬† this event will be able to increase the enthusiasm of all its employees to continue working more enthusiastically, “he said.

Wonogiri Regent, Joko Sutopo also gave appreciation and support for the various innovations carried out by Bank Jateng both in terms of the customer service and the products offered as well as the digitization systems that continue to be developed for the progress and convenience of the customers.

The Wonogiri Regency Government as one of the shareholders also stated its commitment to participate in raising Bank Jateng as the Bank of Central Java people.

The statement was delivered, Pak Jekek (his warm greeting) when giving a speech, at the Wonogiri Regent’s Office Hall, (10/03). “Bank Jateng is expected to continue and improve its performance in 2020.

Bank Jateng’s support will provided continue through the Regent’s direction therefore all the government levels, business actors and working partners always utilize the facilities and products of Bank Jateng since the performance results of Bank Jateng will also be returned to the Government through the dividends. “He added.

The event was solemn and familiar, after the welcoming and briefing program continued with a suave event whom on this occasion the Regent was accompanied by the Wonogiri Branch Leader dueted and sang together. All the employees’sapplause¬† made the event warm that night.

Everyone looked happy and enjoyed the song. Unfeling tired after working until the end of the event. Exactly at 10 o’clock at night, the event ended with a photo session of the Regent together with Bank Jateng’s Head of Wonogiri Branch and all of the employees / employees.