Wonogiri Regency Government Collaborates with Bank Jateng Distributed Second Stage of BLT-DD

WONOGIRI – The Wonogiri Regency Government  distributed the village fund of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT) 2nd Phase . Having cooperation again with PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah of  Wonogiri Branch, the aid distribution was carried out for two days from June 22 to 23, 2020 and is still located in the hall of the each districts.

In this activity,  in addition also attended by the ranks of the Village Government Apparatus to help from the health staff of distric centers, military, police and village assistants who were assigned from the PMD service. The total recipients of the village funds of  2nd Phase direct cash assistance  of Wonogiri Regency amounted to 35,324 people with a total distributed fund  is 25,517,400,000 rupiahs.

There is addition 5,549  recipients of Phase I who previously had 29,775 recipients, received a nominal assistance of 1,200,000 rupiahs per person. With other recipients is still 600,000 rupiahs / month.

The BLT-DD distribution is carried out according by the health protocol by inviting recipients in turn, securing queue seats, providing hand sanitizers, and wearing masks.

In his statement, the Regent of Wonogiri, Joko Sutopo hoped the Village Fund of Cash Direct Assistance could help the community’s economy which is currently declining due to the COVID-19 outbreak effects and hopefully the Government’s efforts could give benefit to the people of Wonogiri.

The Bank Jateng’s Head of Wonogiri Branch, Ratna Sulistyawati said her party was always ready to support and assist the Government in efforts to improve the community’s  welfare , especially in the conditions like this.

He and all the Bank Jateng’s communities are committed to continue provide the best service in helping the Government  distributes the  Fund Village of Direct Cash Assistance. This is proven by the smooth distribution of the 2nd Phase BLT-DD in the all districts.

When met at Pracimantoro Hall of Wonogiri Sub-District, Sutijo (65 years old) who is stayed in Pracimantoro village, Wonogiri District, said he was very happy to receive this assistance. He has received twice with a total of 1,200,000,rupiahs  – and also thank to Bank Jateng since the distribution service is very fast and remains friendly.

“Hopefully all the employees of Bank Jateng are always healthy and can continue to assist the Government to distribute the assistance to us,” he said with a smile.