Wonogiri Regency Government and Bank Jateng Distribute BLT-DD to the 29,775 Recipients

WONOGIRI – PT. Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah was chosen to be the partner of  Wonogiri Regency Government in the distribution of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT), Village Fund.

The total number of aid recipients in Wonogiri Regency was 29,775 people, divided in 25 sub-districts and 251 villages. The distribution was held in 2 days, namely on 20 May 2020 with total recipients are 14,613 people with 8,767,800,000 rupiahs total fund and the second day on 22 May 2020 with total recipients are 15,162 people and the disbursed fund is 9,157,200,000 rupiahs.

The distribution of this assistance is carried out at the sub-districts in cooperation with the sub-district, village facilitators and officials, puskesmas (public heatlh center), TNI and Polri.

BLT distribution activities still consider to the health standards protocols to face covid-19 outbreaks such as physical distancing, social distancing, use of masks, temperature screening by the public health centers and the handsanitizers availability during the distribution at the locations .

The chairs in the waiting room are arranged to provide a safe distance for the recipients who are waiting for their turn. Similarly, the queue is made shifts per village therefore there is no too crowded people.

The Head of Bank Jateng’s Wonogiri Branch, Ratna Sulistyawati said, her party fully supports the government’s efforts to improve the welfare of citizens, especially in this difficult conditions.

This is a concrete manifestation spirit of Bank Jateng to continue helping of the government’s success program to route the aids to the co-19 affected citizens.

Distribution simultaneously in all districts requires the Head of Bank Jateng’s Wonogiri to mobilize all employees to help the aid distribution therefore there is no pile of queues.

“Hopefully this epidemic will pass soon, we all will be given health, and the economy of the citizens will be able to recover,” Ratna said. Appreciation to Bank Jateng¬† was also conveyed by the Regent of Wonogiri, Mr. Joko Sutopo, he expressed his gratitude to Bank Jateng who had fought hard to help the Government in distributing this BLT-DD Aid therefore everything could run smooth and safe.