Weleri-Kendal Sub Branch Offices Promotes Internet Banking and SMS Notifications to Schools

Bank Jateng of Weleri Kendal Sub-Branch Office conducted a socialization regarding the introduction and Internet Banking and SMS Notification use to all Elementary (Public / Private) School Principals and MI from Education and Culture UPTD in Weleri District. This socialization was held on the sidelines of the In-House Training event at SD Negeri I Penyangkringan, Weleri District, Kendal Regency.

Weleri Branch Office Head Assistant, Dyah Kusumastuti conveyed, through this event she hoped to be able to open the horizons of Principals in Weleri Subdistrict particularly and teaching staff in the Weleri District Education and Culture UPTD to get to know Bank Jateng’s products. “This is especially how they can take advantage of Bank Jateng’s new features, namely Internet Banking and SMS Notification. Since, with this technology will make the transactions easier to do without going through the office, “she explained.

He added that this technology introduction is very necessary considering digital use devices is now a part of everyday life in almost all levels of society. For example, the use of electronic channels owned by banks, ranging from ATM machines, internet banking, mobile banking to the latest video banking and chatbots allow the customers to chat with robots issued by the banks.

“Technology development is rapidly, supported by the large number of millennials who prefer transactions without having to go to the branch offices,” he added.

Moreover, he hopes through this activity will always be established a good relationship between Bank Jateng Assistant of Weleri Branch Office and Education and Culture UPTD District of Weleri. “Many things can be utilized by the community, especially all employees of the Weleri Education and Education UPTD, among others, related to the funds collection from the Financial Institution Pension Fund (DPLK) and Personal Loan. *