Theme: Digital with Bank Jateng

Deadline for the competition:
– Follow the Instagram account @bankjateng & Youtube Channel of Bank Jateng:
– Competition Period: March 21, 2019 – April 10, 2019
– Judging: April 11, 2019
– Competition Announcement on @bankjateng Instagram Account: April 12, 2019

1st Winner : 5,000,000, -Rupiahs
2nd Winner : 3,500,000, – Rupiahs
3rd Winner : 2,500,000, – Rupiahs

Terms of competition conditions:

  1. Participants are Indonesian citizens
  2. Bank Jateng’s employees are not allowed to take part in this competition
  3. Participants are only allowed to send 1 Vlog
  4. Vlog collection must be carried out according to the competition period: March 21, 2019 – April 10, 2019
  5. Bank Jateng has the right to use all winning Vlogs for the publication needs while still including the participant’s name
  6. The decision of the Jury is absolute and cannot be contested


  1. Vlog does not contain of SARA elements, violence, violates the moral norms, and the elements of political campaigns.
  2. Vlog must be original and has never been included in any competition.
  3. Vlog shows the advantages and ease of Bank Jateng’s digital transactions.
  4. Vlog duration is 5 minutes in maximum.
  5. The committee frees Vlog editing both in effects, music, narration and more.
  6. Vlog Closed by conveying an impression while using Bank Jateng’s digital transactions and saying “Thank You Bank Jateng”.
  7. Using background of sound in accordance with the terms and conditions on YouTube it can be uploaded on the platform and free from claiming the copyright.
  8. The entire contents of the registered Vlogs are not the result of plagiarism or violates the others work of copyright. Participants are responsible for all the copyright issues related to the making and ownership of the registered videos.
  9. If a copyright violation of Vlog content is found in the future causes a claim or compensation request, the participant is willing to be responsible for the claim or compensation request for the problem.
  10. The use of video cameras was released.
  11. Vlogs must be uploaded to a private YouTube channel & Instagram * account (* divided into several pieces).
  12. Free Video Title.
  13. The video’s description on YouTube must be included: A brief synopsis / description of the experience of Bank Jateng’s digital transactions and the #hut56bankjateng hashtag #terimakasihbankjateng.
  14. Uploaded Vlog link to YouTube & sent to email:
  15. Vlogs must be uploaded to Personal Instagram and tagged to the IG account @bankjateng.
  16. The description of the video on Instagram must be included: A brief synopsis / description of Bank Jateng’s digital transactions experiences and the hashtag #hut56bankjateng #terimakasihbankjateng.
  17. Vlog assessment consists of 5 assessment criteria, namely: Conformity with Themes, Visualization, Uniqueness, Narration, and Creativity.