UKSW and Bank Jateng Establish Cooperation in Banking Services to Improve Education Quality

The Satya Wacana Christian Higher Education Foundation (YPTKSW) together with PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah of Salatiga Branch and De EurnesiA Institute (IDEA), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), on July 25, 2019.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed at Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU) Probowinoto Room Graduate Building, which was attended and witnessed by the Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, Rahadi Widayanto. The signing was carried out by the Chairperson of YPTKSW, Kusjadi, the Head of the Salatiga Branch of Bank Jateng, Yohanes Suhartono and representative of the De EurnesiA Institute, Johannes Kembuan.

On this occasion a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) was signed between Bank Jateng of Salatiga Branch, YPTKSW and IDEA Representatives, in connection with the use of banking services for education, training, research and community service programs. YPTKSW in collaboration with IDEA aims to bridge Indonesian students who want to study and work abroad. At the beginning of this opportunity it was agreed as a Banking Service, Bank Jateng is expected to be able to facilitate the program by providing loan / credit facilities to parents of prospective students who will study abroad, but in the future YPTKSW hopes Bank Jateng will provide these credit facilities directly to prospective students through what is called “STUDENT LOAN” credit. YPTKSW is targeting 1000 prospective students every year to go abroad where each prospective student is required to have a savings account at Bank Jateng, including in this case IDEA Representatives as Educational Consultants in Indonesia.

Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, Rahadi Widayanto, said the signing of the cooperation was aimed at synergizing the potential of each party in the fields of education, training, research and human resources. In addition, this joint agreement also aims to create mutually beneficial cooperation in accordance with the authority of each party.

“UKSW continues to increase every year. This is a big enough potential for the Bank Jateng to be able to establish cooperation. The Bank Jateng also opens up various other cooperation opportunities that can be utilized not only by students, but also employees and lecturers, “he added.

According to Johanes Kembuan, the cost required to study in Germany is105 million rupiahs. On the same occasion, his party said that opening opportunities as wide as possible for prospective students to learn while working simultaneously. In Germany a work centre is available for students so that it will be easier for them to take part-time work. Some of the proceeds can be saved and used to pay credit instalments in Bank Jateng. These learning opportunities are open to students majoring in Engineering and Health. As a first step, IDEA will open a representative in the city of Salatiga, this is to facilitate the selection process for prospective students studying abroad. The selection will be conducted jointly with the UKSW, including UKSW requiring all prospective participants to take courses / training in the German Language Program at UKSW Campus. Johanes added that before leaving for Germany the participants who passed the selection would be sent to Brisbane Australia to undergo preliminary preparations before entering the University in Germany and did not rule out the University in Australia if participants were more interested in continuing their studies in Australia.

To simplify service, Bank Jateng of Salatiga Branch will open a Cash Office at UKSW Salatiga Campus which is currently still in the process of proposing and completing the required permits. Meanwhile, as a substitute for the operational readiness of Bank Jateng’s Cash Office of Salatiga is preparing a mobile cash car every Wednesday starting at 12.00. With the opening of the Cash Office on the UKSW Campus, it is hoped that the collaboration will be tighter and more profitable for both parties.