Throughout 2018, Bank Jateng Distributed 19 billion Rupiahs (19M IDR) CSR Funds

Bank Jateng as December 27, 2018 has channeled as much as 19 billion rupiahs in CSR funds as an effort to support local government programs in alleviating poverty and social problems in the community.

The delivery of CSR funds was channeled for handling 814 housing units (RTLH), providing BPJS Employment protection for 187,000 informal workers, restoring cultural heritage buildings in the Old City of Semarang, and assisting victims of natural disasters.

“Bank Jateng” was able to record profits reaching 1.97 trillion rupiahs or exceed the planned target of 1.73 trillion rupiahs. Thank God, with that achievement, we become the second largest of BUMD at the national level, “said Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno, Friday (12/28).

Meanwhile, Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, said he was happy with Bank Jateng’s performance which made a breakthrough was quite unique in the CSR distribution.

Ganjar said the CSR distribution faucet could be opened wide with the keywords of the people’s prosperity. With the submission requirements and pass verification and in line with the government programs.

“What is important is not for personal gain, eliminated. The fund is enjoyed by yourself the community who must enjoy. This CSR process, they [Bank Jateng] propose and are in accordance with government programs, then we agree, “said Ganjar.

On that occasion, Ganjar symbolically handed over social assistance or CSR to the community of the local government. For the ITC Building restoration, the assistance was given directly to the Mayor of Semarang, Hendar Prihadi. Continuing giving to 9 forest workers and renovating RTLH