The UMKM Of Solo Raya Learning Branding In Cws Of Bank Jateng Surakarta

SURAKARTA- Entering the third week of March, routine training for MSMEs is again held at the Co-Working Space of Bank Jateng, Surakarta, Wednesday (17/03/2021).

With the theme of “Strategic Branding For Business” the training became even more interesting with the resource person presence, Aries Adenata S.S, M.Sos as the Co-Founder of IBAN (Indonesia Branch Advisit Network).

Aries Adenata had the opportunity to share his knowledge with the twenty MSMEs which were divided into two sessions in two days.

The participants enthusiasm was seen since the beginning of the class, with the number of participants asking questions related to the product branding.

“If we sell the important thing is sold first, then we just keep it, is it wrong, Mr?” Asked Erni Widyastuti, one of the participants of the Ice Chocolate business.

“It’s not wrong Mam, but if you have a distinction, for example, my Chocolate Ice without preservatives or this Chocolate Ice I use pure sugar, this is what buyers will look for, there is a differentiation for sure customers will be more interested.” Aries concluded, answering the questions from the participant.

In his presentation, Aries Adenata explained that a good brand is a brand that  provides solutions to consumers. The more specific, the easier a brand is to build.

The reputation formation  for a brand is important to increase the customer trust to the brand. To support the UMKM in Solo Raya, Bank Jateng of Surakarta is ready to facilitate UMKM activities by providing the various trainings.

“In one month we routinely hold training activities for MSMEs with the different materials for each week such as Micro Business Simulation (MBS) training, Branding, Social Media, Market Place and will be carried out continuously,” said Djaka Nur Sahid, the Head of Bank Jateng of Surakarta Branch Coordinator. Djaka added, “Apart from being a forum for the UMKM of Solo Raya activities, Bank Jatng Co-Working Space can also be used as a sharing place for anyone who wants to start a business to exchange ideas and creativity.”