The Tender Results for Bank Jateng Notebook / Laptop Procurement 2020

The Tender Committee for Bank Jateng Notebook / Laptop Procurement announced the winner of the Tender is :

The Announcement of Tender Results for Procurement of Notebok / Laptop of PT Bank Pembangunan Darah Tengah, Jawa Tengah 2020

Based on the approval of the Bank Jateng’s Directors Board of Notebeook / Laptop Procurement Tender Committee for the head office, KC / KCS and KCS / KCPS of Bank Jateng 2020, after opening the offering letter from the tender participants, evaluating the bid documents and price negotiations, hereby announce that the tender winner is :

The Candidate for Winner

Address : Jl. Pesanggrahan N. 112B Jakarta Barat
NPWP : 01.998.007.7-086.000
Work Value  : IDR,- (One Billion One Hundred and Sixty Six Million Rupiahs)

For partners who have objections to the  Tender result, we provide an opportunity to provide a written rebuttal, from the date of announcement up to 27 October 2020.

Thank you for thus understanding and participating for this tender,.

Semarang, October 22, 2020

Tender committee