The Sub-BMPD of Surakarta Takjil distribution with Bank Jateng of Sukoharjo Branch

SUKOHARJO – The Covid-19 pandemic has sometimes made Ramadhan this year is quite difficult. Many people are affected, especially in the terms of finances. Many families have difficulty in fulfilling their daily needs. The Management and Employees of Bank Jateng, Sukoharjo Branch cannot remain silent seeing this situation.

As a form of Bank Jateng’s Sukoharjo branch concern in collaborating with the Surakarta Sub-Regional Banking Consultative Board (BMPD) to the surrounding society.

On Friday (23-04-2021) the takjil distributed to the needy people around the Sukoharjo branch of  Bank Jateng.

The takjil distribution was given to the pedicab drivers, the road sweepers, and the motorcyclists who were passing around the Sukoharjo branch of Bank Jateng.

On this occasion, the Bank Jateng’s Deputy Head of Sukoharjo Branch, Nunuk Sasanti and the Employees of Bank Jateng ‘s Sukoharjo Branch, provided the takjil assistance.

Nunuk hopes that Bank Jateng can help the surrounding society whether in the midst of a pandemic or not in distributing the Takjil to the society.

Nunuk also added, “Know it or not, it has become our principle to always share, do not have anti-social characteristics, since we, humans are social creatures who will definitely need other people”.

This activity was enthusiasmly greeted by the surrounding society, approximately of 100 takjil were distributed in a short time.