The Special Counter for Retirees at Bank Jateng Wonogiri is Officially Opened

WONOGIRI – Bank Jateng, Wonogiri Branch continues to improve the services for retirees. One of the efforts to improve the service is by opening special counters for retirees therefore they don’t have to queue with other customers.

A special counter for retirees at Bank Jateng, Wonogiri Branch, was officially opened on August 1, 2020 in the backyard of Bank Jateng office while still implementing health protocols, regulating seating spacing between pension recipients of at least 1.5 meters, checking body temperature before entering, must wear a mask and begin wash your hands first before taking the queue number.

The head of Bank Jateng Wonogiri Branch, Ratna Sulistyawati said that her party will continue to provide excellent service for retirees.

One of them is by opening a special counter for retirees, and also for retirees who take their salary at the month beginning at Bank Jateng, breakfast and hot tea will be prepared therefore retirees can relax while waiting for the queue to be called.

The number of pensioners at Bank Jateng Wonogiri is 4,014 customers and has been given a Taspen Smart Card which functions as a Pension Recipient Identity Card (Karip) and can be used as a payment card through an ATM machine. Bank Jateng ATM machines have been scattered throughout the districts, making it easier for retirees to collect their salary.

As a Taspen Service Partner, Bank Jateng continues to be committed to carrying out its duties such as managing ketaspenan and moving payment partners, to the customer’s visit services for customers who are sick or aged.

Pak Kardi (65), one of the customers who took his salary at the special counter for retirees on Monday, August 03 2020 said that he was very happy with the service of Bank Jateng since all of Bank Jateng employees were friendly and responsive, he also said he would invite his colleagues to join become a customer of Bank Jateng.