The Regent of Kebumen Appreciates The CSR Assistance of Bank Jateng for The Natural DisastersAffected Communities

KEBUMEN – Bank Jateng of  Kebumen Branch, from March 11 to 12, 2021 held a series of Ngopi   Events with Forkompimda of Kebumen Regency with the Director of Bank Jateng and Gowes with Forkompimda of Kebumen Regency with the President Director of Bank Jateng.

On Thursday (11/3) night, the Kebumen Regency Ngopi Bareng Event with the Directors of Bank Jateng was attended by the Regent of Kebumen , H. Arif Sugiyanto SH, the Regional Secretary of Kebumen Regency, H. Ahmad Ujang Sugiono SH, the 2nd Assistant to the Regent,  Drs. Nugroho Tri Waluyo, the Head of Bappeda of Kebumen Regency, Ir. Pudji Rahaju, the Kebumen Kasiswa, Slamet Riyanto, SH.MH, the Kebumen Police Chief,  AKBP Piter Yanottama, the Dandim 0709 of Kebumen, Lt. Col. Kav MS Prawiranegara Matondang, as well as the Chairman of Kebumen DPRD,  H. Sarimun S.Sy.

Also attending were the community leaders of Kebumen elders and the Branch Manager of Bank Jateng of  Magelang Coordinator .

Along with the Ngopi Bareng Event, Bank Jateng symbolically handed over the CSR assistance of    100,000,000 rupiahs for the five houses relocation  in Kedungwinangun Village, Klirong District of  Kebumen Regency.

The five houses were the landslides victims due to the La Lina heavy rain which occurred in Kebumen Regency on 25 to 27 November , 2020.

This symbolic aid was handed over by the Compliance and Risk Management Director of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono to the Regent of Kebumen, H. Arif Sugiyanto SH.

In his remarks, the  Compliance and Risk Management Director of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono conveyed that the CSR assistance given to the each of five people amount to 20,000,000 rupiahs, is Bank Jateng’s commitment of social care as well as a manifestation of Bank Jateng’s concern for the Kebumen community. In addition, he also conveyed support for the plan of the Kebumen Regent to build a gate on the border of the Kebumen area.

Bank Jateng will strengthen MSMEs through finance, increasing the human resources and innovating the latest marketing models. In addition in providing KUR and  training for MSMEs, Bank Jateng has the BiMart marketplace application as a media for MSMEs to market their products.

“This application is a place where sellers and buyers meet and perform digitally transactions”. In the digitalization era , it is hoped that will be non-cash payments , where in the future people do not need to carry cash. Bank Jateng will work on the people’s market using the QRIS system (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) payment .

H.S Yudiantoro as the leader of Bank Jateng, Kebumen Branch  emphasized that Bank Jateng would contribute a speed up maximum of 100 working days for the Regent and Deputy Regent of Kebumen as one of the shareholders of Bank Jateng.

The Regent of Kebumen, H. Arif Sugiyanto SH expressed his gratitude to Bank Jateng which continues to be committed in providing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assistance as a  concern form for the community.

Bank Jateng assistance shows how much has the banking sector attention to the people of Kebumen Regency, especially for the affected residents by natural disasters recently in Kebumen Regency.

This was conveyed by the Regent, Arif while attending the Gala Dinner of the Regent of Kebumen and Forkopimda of  Kebumen Regency with the  Compliance and Risk Management Director of Bank Jateng, Ony Suharsono at the Bank Jateng of Kebumen Branch on Thursday night (11/03).

The Regent, Arif also expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the assistance of Bank Jateng which is always committed in distributing CSR as a concern  form  for the community, “which is worth of 100 million rupiahs for the 5 affected houses by landslides in Kedungwinangun Village, Klirong District which will be distributed through Kebumen BPBD.

The Regent, Arif assessed that this attention was the right synergy form in providing continue motivation  to rise,  strive and realize a better and more prosperous community order.

The Regent, Arif also appreciated the current house renovation program which is one of the efforts to reduce the poverty in Kebumen Regency.

On Friday morning (12/3) the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno led the Joint Tour starting from the  Bank Jateng’s Office of Kebumen Branch to the Krakal Alian Hot Springs (PAP) tourist attraction and finished again at the Bank Jateng Office of Kebumen Branch.

Before leaving, the Managing Director of Bank Jateng wrote the message “Guyub Rukun, Migunani Tumraping Kebumen” on an inscription which will later be placed in front of the Bank Jateng Office, Kebumen Branch.

The President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno said that this joint trip is part of  58th Anniversary  series of Bank Jateng which will be commemorated on April 6, 2021. “Kebumen is extraordinary, because of the the Southern Cross Route (JLSS) developing prospect and south coast activities with its marine industry. “.

.With this pandemic, all the economic sectors have been hitted, including MSMEs. Therefore, Bank Jateng wants to improve services to the business partners, including MSMEs, to serve what they need, such as capital, marketing, and assistance. He also conveyed that Kebumen has superior products such as Jenitiri which can be developed not only for the local market needs but for exports. If it can be developed, Kebumen’s economy will grow well and can be enjoyed together from small, medium to large