The Provincial of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Department in Cooperation with Bank Jateng Distributes Covid-19 Assistance to the Tugurejo Regional Hospital Medical Staffs

SEMARANG – In the midst of co-19 ongoing pandemic, Bank Jateng continues to show its concern for the affected victims, especially in Central Java region.

This time, the Main Branch of Bank Jateng in collaboration with the Department of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs of Central Java Province took the initiative to provide assistance in the form of Fisheries Processed Product Packages to the medical personnel who handle co-19 patients at Tugurejo Regional Hospital Semarang.

The aid package was handed over directly by the Head of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Departement of Central Java Province, Bp. Ir. Fendiawan Tiskiantoro, M.Si accompanied by the Head of Bank Jateng’s  Marketing Team, Eko Samodra W, MHum and their staffs to the Director of Tugurejo Semarang Regional Hospital, Bp. dr. Haryadi Ibnu Junaedi, Sp.B on Friday, May 8, 2020 at the front yard of Tugurejo Regional Hospital Semarang.

Thanks deeply for the help and care of Bank Jateng with the Central Java Provincial Government in this happening disaster to all of us, hopefully this assistance can foster the  morale and mental health also be beneficial to the health of medical personnels who are working dealing with the patients in the hospital, said Dr. Haryadi as welcomed this assistance.

This assistance is a moral support for the forefront medical workers who struggle for the recovery of covid-19 patients as the result of cooperation between Bank Jateng and the Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Deparment of Central Java Province, hopefully this assistance is beneficial for families at home, said Imam Hanafi as the Marketing Leader Division of Bank Jateng  entrusts a message to Bp. Eko Samodra W, who accompanied the symbolic assistance.

This assistance will be given then to the medical staffs working at Wongsonegoro Hospital (RSUD Ketileng) and RSUP Dr. Kariadi Semarang, said Bp. Ir. Fendiawan as added by the Head of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Deparment of Central Java Province, this is a form of our concern of Central Java Provincial Government with  Bank Jateng in this ongoing pandemic midst, hopefully all passes quickly and we can all move back to the normal activity.