The New Board of Commissioners of Bank Jateng Are Expected to Support the Acceleration of Economic Growth

Semarang – The three Board of Commissioners of Bank Jateng have just been officially installed. They are Edhi Chrystanto as Independent Commissioner, and Wawan Siswantono and Darsono as Independent Commissioners.

The oath taking and the inauguration were carried out directly by the Governor of Central Java. Then proceed with holding an Economic Seminar entitled ‘Targeting Seven Percentages’ which took place at Patrajasa Hotel Semarang on Friday (1/31/2020).

On that occasion, President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno hoped the Board of Commissioners’ ranks could provide advice and direction to supervise Bank Jateng. Therefore, in the future the performance can be even better.

“The more cohesive cooperation between the Board of Commissioners and Directors will also be better to support the accelerated growth targeted by the government,” said Supriyatno.

While the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo asked all regions to boost the economy in their region and take advantage of incentives provided by the central government to attract investors to come.

But unfortunately, there are serious problems where many investors face obstacles and become a disincentive about overlapping regulations and permit bureaucracy in the regions.

“Let’s get together the gaspol therefore the economy of Central Java can grow to 7 percent. These seven are not quantitative figures but philosophical “pitu-pitulungan” (cooperating each other) since many parties are committed to helping entrepreneurs, banks, government, etc., “said Ganjar when he became a keynote speech seminar.

According to him, the regions must also continue to be encouraged to build on the existing potential and accelerate in various aspects.

Ganjar gave an example of land related to the incentives needed by investors or entrepreneurs. He said, the proposal regarding land became a land banking system where land was managed by the state and could be given cheaper, even if necessary free.

“If this can be done, our competition like Vietnam can be resisted. The problem of extortion is also an obstacle, let’s change the paradigm and eliminate this. Banking circles can also help drive this economic growth, “said Ganjar.

He also warned, the regions could make a breakthrough to encourage investment, but lest industrialization and high economic growth damage the spatial plan and the environment.

Ganjar said, environmental aspects must always be maintained and prioritize renewable energy so that it can become a concept of sustainable development.

On the same occasion, UGM Economist Prof. Sri Adiningsih also expressed his optimism for the Central Java economic target at 7 percent in 2023. This was also supported by an upward trend in economic growth rates, above the national growth rate and the extraordinary potential of Central Java supporters.

Maintained macroeconomic stability, digitalization of the fast- developing economy in the regions and in various sectors and even reaching to small towns in rural areas also became the basic development capital.

According to him, village funds also help the regional economy, especially in building infrastructure to stimulate various sectors that have the potential to grow higher. The budget for the village fund also continues to increase and is expected to be utilized as well as possible to develop the village.

“Central Java is one of the provinces where development is already inclusive. In addition to village funds to build underdeveloped villages, many national strategic projects have been completed or will be built in the next five years. With the demographic bonus that occurs later, the government must begin to focus on young people now closely with digitalization, whose growth is extraordinary, “he concluded.