The Mayor of Surakarta Inaugurates the Pedaringan E-SPBU Collaboration with the Central Java Bank

SURAKARTA – The cooperation of Central Java Bank in digitizing banking with city / regency governments throughout Central Java is expanding. Bank Jateng digital service facilities are not only intended for personal customers but also for corporations, one of which is the payment of E SPBU. E SPBU is a digital service system for fuel purchase transactions using special card tapping for SPBU partners / users to make it easier for SPBU and its partners in monitoring and evaluation.

On Thursday (11/2) Bank Jateng Surakarta and SPBU 44,571.28 Pedaringan Surakarta launched the E SPBU collaboration. The event was also attended by the Chairman of the Surakarta City Council and inaugurated by the Mayor of Surakarta, Mr. Fx. Hadi Rudiatmo. Mr. Fx Hadi Rudiatmo expressed his hope that E SPBU can provide facilities for Pedaringan SPBU, City Government and the community “. In line with the expectations of the Mayor of Surakarta, Mr. Djaka Nur Sahid as the Head of the Central Java Bank Surakarta said, “With the existence of E SPBU helping people to make non-cash transactions, there is no need for cash and Pedaringan SPBU can provide fast, accurate and SURE service to the community”.

Currently, there are 1,447 SPBU E cards registered at SPBU Pedaringan Surakarta which are ready to be distributed and used by SPBU partners / users. In his remarks, the Director of SPBU Pedaringan Surakarta said that the E SPBU collaboration aims to achieve excellent service in the use of the fuel budget in the Surakarta city government.