The Importance of Security Awareness for Customers

The online fraud case is no longer a new thing, even more victims are now increasing. The most widespread fraud is giving gifts by telephone and buying and selling online or when shopping at an online shop, especially through social networks. Especially for cases of gift giving which are usually in the form of electronic money, potential victims will be directed to make transfers to the account through an ATM machine. Therefore, we urge the customers of Bank Jateng to always be on the alert for any form of fraud, especially on behalf of Bank Jateng.


  • Store the Card in a safe place and the card must always be under surveillance
  • Cards should not be transferred to others, including to family or even to the closest person.
  • Never give cards to other parties for any reason, including reasons for card replacements or product / gift offers.
  • Do not write ATM / Debit card PIN information on your ATM / Debit card.
  • PINs should not use a combination of numbers that are easy to guess (e.g., birthdays).
  • Change your ATM / Debit card PIN regularly.


  • Does not provide confidential data such as user ID, password to anyone for any reason.
  • Immediately do the data update telephone number, cell phone number and your address to the nearest Bank Jateng Branch.
  • The OTP code received is confidential.
  • Does not give the OTP Code that is received to anyone, including the person on behalf of the employee of Bank Jateng for any reason.
  • Keep your personal data confidential
  • Be vigilant in providing personal information, especially to unknown parties.
  • Never give out personal information that is confidential to anyone, personal information includes:
  • Full name.
  • Identity number.
  • Biological mother’s name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Never give out personal information on your Social Media.