The cash Withdrawal Limit of Bank Jateng BPD Card is Premium Category

Cash withdrawal limit with various types  BPD Card issued by Bank Jateng is in the premium category. Means that the limit for the cash withdrawal value of BPD Cards is a high level compared to the similar cards issued by the other banks, but is still within the limits permitted by the banking authority.

In addition to the premium limit, BPD Card – a debit card issued for cash withdrawals and non-cash transactions from Bank Jateng’s individual private savings and current account products, is also equipped with Chip technology and has the GPN (National Payment Gateway) logo. With these two facilities, transactions will be safer, and connectivity will be wider since they are supported by  Bank Indonesia’s supervision system.

The use of Chip technology in addition to make the card difficult to duplicate therefore it is safe from the risk of skimming (the act of stealing debit and credit card information by copying the information contained on the card’s magnetic stripe), the data storage capacity becomes larger therefore transaction processing is faster. The use of the GPN facility as a system that integrates the various payment channels for electronic or non-cash transactions operated by Bank Indonesia, makes interconnection and interoperability (the capability of a system to interact and function with other systems) are wider and more effective.

Bank Jateng issued three types of BPD Cards, as namely silver, gold and platinum. For a silver card, the maximum cash withdrawal is 15 million rupiahs, transactions using EDC (Electronic Data Capture) Prima is a maximum of 50 million rupiahs, Bank Jateng’s maximum transfers and  50 million rupiahs collaborative bank transfers  are 50 million rupiahs. Bank Jateng does not charge a transfer fee if it does between Bank Jateng accounts, while the administrative fee for interbank transfers is 6,500 rupiahs per transaction.

Meanwhile, the limit for card cash withdrawals is 20 million rupiahs. For other types of services such as EDC Prima, peer-to-peer transfers and cooperative bank, the fees charged are the same as those for silver cards. The platinum card cash withdrawal limit is 50 million rupiahs, while transactions with EDC Prima and transfers are 100 million rupiahs at maximum.

Customers are charged an administration fee is 3 thousand rupiahs for silver, 55 rupiahs thousand for gold and 10 thousand rupiahs for platinum. Meanwhile, for checking Pirma / ATM Bersama balance, there is a fee of 4 thousand rupiahs, and Pirma ATM Bersama cash withdrawal is 7,500 rupiahs for all the types of cards. Bank Jateng does not charge card making fees, while card replacements is only charged 10 thousand rupiahs.

BPD Card also has additional facilities besides being easy to withdraw cash at all Bank Jateng ATMs, ATM Bersama and ATM Prima. The facility includes shopping at thousands of merchants in Indonesia, can be used for payment of various Halo Telkomsel bills, Matrix Indosat, PBB (Land and Building Tax) payments, paying PDAM subscription fees, and Telkom cable subscriptions.

Interestingly, BPD Cards can not only be used to purchase train tickets, flights and buy pulses, but also can be used to pay tuition fees at several universities, including colleges and polytechnics. **