The 90s National Artist appeared in Bima Savings Event Period 2 Year 2017 – 2018

Success with the Bima Savings Draw in the Year 2017 held in two periods with the drawing centered concept in two different cities, namely in Solo and Yogyakarta, now in early 2018 Bank Central Java is familiarly called with “Central Java People’s Bank” back to surprise to customers and Central Java citizens with something different. If in the year 2017 Gala Party successfully implemented in 2 periods both in Solo by bringing a number of national artists, namely Krakatau Band, Afgan and Yura, in Yogyakarta by bringing the international legend artist Michael Learns to Rock, this time in early 2018 Bank Central Java will hold Bima Savings event series with a concert held in 7 cities with the theme “Invite Our Friends Reunion in the 90’s Party Gala and Gala Harvest Feast Party”.This party Gala packed differently from the previous year, certainly a new year with a new spirit, Central Java Bank trying to provide a new concept as well for customers and society by holding a road show concert in 7 cities with a national 90’s artist themed to entertain the whole community in Central Java. The concert is expected not only to be enjoyed by the wider community, but also as an affordable entertainment means in Central Java which can be obtained only by saving in Bima Savings from Central Java Bank.Starting from the previous year success, Central Java Bank again held the Bima Savings Draw event with the “flashback” concept present 90’s national artist era, Ari Lasso, Kla Project and Padi Reborn. The concept is carried like a reunion invites the audience to come together to enjoy the 90s concert Gala Party and generate a beautiful memory during school and young. In Bima Savings Draw gala Period II Year 2017 – 2018 is expected to create communication between old friends who may have not met for a long time and again remember the old memory.Not enough with the Gala Party’s 90s concert, Central Java Bank again gave a surprise once again to Central Java customers and residents by presenting Kahitna in the Bima Savings Harvest Feast Gala Galaze, held in Semarang.Bima Savings Lottery of Period 2 years 2017-2018 presents a party Gala event in 7 cities / regencies and will be held in March to April 2018.

This event is open for anyone who wants to enliven the event Gala Party of Bima Savings Draw. To watch live concert held, it is very easy, just by opening the Bima Savings, holding the savings balance in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable, the customer will get the invitation facility for free. No need to wait near the drawing day, now also can open the Bima savings, since the invitation is distributed charge free is limited, so do not run out of please, or you will regret it! Immediately contact the nearest Central Java Bank branch /sub branch office.In addition for getting free invitation by opening Bima Savings Account and settling the balance, other customers benefits to get the opportunity to follow the Bima Savings draw in the next period, the period I year 2018-2019, then the opportunity to win more prize draw, also win Smart Phone, Gold, Honda Vario, Toyota Avanza respectively branch and sub branches offices of Central Java and Central Java Bank, Jakarta. In addition Grand Prize Toyota Fortuner prize drawn for all Central Java Bank customers and also the opportunity to get more than one prize in one draw. Continue increase the Bima savings balance to get various benefits.For more information contact the nearest Central Java Bank office.

Getting Invitation, Search :More information on Branch locations please click on the Locations link and search according to your nearest location. Thanks.

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    The 90s National Artist appeared in Bima Savings Event Period 2 Year 2017 – 2018 – Bank Jateng