The 74th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony at Bank Jateng

SEMARANG – There is something unique in the implementation of 74th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony at Bank Jateng’s office, Saturday (08/17/2019). Hundreds of employees attended the ceremony by wearing traditional Javanese traditional clothes, namely “lurik” clothes.

“This morning we used striated products. Why? Since this lurik is typical of Central Java clothing made with looms, not machines. We must be proud of that, “explained the Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno after the ceremony.

According to him, each traditional dress is a national identity that must continue to be preserved. Therefore  he continued to encourage Bank Jateng’s employees to contribute.

It was said, the fashion of Java on August 17 was not only carried out by employees at Bank Jateng’s office, but all employees at the branch offices in Central Java.

“We want to awaken nationalism through the regional attire that we have. Therefore, we will continue to light “lurik” cloth as the uniqueness of Central Java, “said Supriyatno.

In fact, he planned to apply striated clothing to employees at least once a week. “Moreover, there is now a Governor Regulation which states that every Thursday is encouraged to wear regional clothes,” he added.

In this moment of independence, Supriyatno ordered to celebrate with real work to develop the country. “It’s time to not only talk a lot, but present our work,” Supriyatno message.

He also encouraged the spirit of mutual cooperation to continue to be applied. He said, complete the shortcomings by working together. “Don’t fight each other since this nation is too despicable to be colored by such things,” he said.

Noted in this ceremony, Bank Jateng also gave awards to 80 employees who have entered full duty.

He said, was a tribute to those who had contributed a lot to the progress of Bank Jateng as well as being a mirror to young employees.

“Hopefully this will be Koco Benggolo (a place of reflection) for young people. If seniors can improve their work well, then we also have to be able to be more than them in the future, “said Supriyatno.

Explained, the achievement of Bank Jateng so far is quite encouraging. In fact, now, Bank Jateng has become the second-best regional development bank (BPD) of all BPDs in Indonesia.

Supriyatno likens Bank Jateng as a large ship managed jointly. The management is committed to bring Bank Jateng more advanced. “When this ship has moved forward, don’t just stand idly by, or even become a stowaway,” he explained.

He invited all board of directors and employees of Bank Jateng to improve performance. “Do not exist anymore, people who do not contribute and instead become an organizational burden. Face challenges and competition with a spirit of togetherness and synergy, “he stressed.

“For the progress of Bank Jateng, let us all, unite in the same direction and motion, make Bank Jateng as the bank’s pride in Central Java and useful for the progress of Indonesia,” concluded Supriyatno.