The 58th Anniversary of Bank Jateng Maintain The Positive Performance and Good Outcomes

PT Bank Pembangunan Daerah Jawa Tengah (Bank Jateng) celebrated its 58th anniversary solemnly in two places, namely the Head Office at Bank Jateng , Jl Pemuda Semarang and Bank Jateng of Jakarta Branch, on Tuesday, 6 April 2021.

The anniversary commemoration which was also held online was filled with a prayer led by Drs M Tafsir MAg as the  Supervisory Board of Bank Jateng Syariah as well as cutting  “tumpeng” which was carried out simultaneously by the President Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno at the Bank Jateng of Jakarta Branch Office and at the Bank Jateng’s  Head Office by Bank Jateng’s Independent President Commissioner, Edhi Chrystanto.

In his speech, Supriyatno, who was also joined by the employees at each of the branch offices in live streaming, said that the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus pandemic since the early of 2020 was the biggest challenge and had a significant impact on the global economy.

Then, the social restriction measures implemented in order to suppress and break the chain of  the Covid-19 virus spread affected the limited human mobility increasingly , reduced demand, and hampered the production process moreover of course it also had a major impact on the banking industry and the economy.

“However, in the midst of these challenging economic conditions, we really should be grateful since  we were able to maintain the positive  and good performance achievements during 2020 thanks to the right strategic, strong risk mitigation, and the company elements optimization steps in a comprehensive manner,” he said. 

This can be seen from the 2020 financial year flashback regarding the company’s  performance and management recapitulation, the achievement of plans and targets, and the strategic programs realization .

According to him, Bank Jateng’s net profit during the year until  December 31, 2020 was recorded at  1.12 trillion rupiahs, it’s  increased of  6.55% compared to the previous year.

The growth in the financial balance  performance is reflected in the  total assets acquisition , liabilities and equity, which is until the end of 2020 amounted up to 73.11 trillion,  65.04 trillion, and  8.60 trillion  rupiahs.

“The shows total assets achievement  increase of 1.73% from the previous year, making us as the Regional Development Bank with the 3rd largest assets among 27 BPDs in Indonesia. And at the same time making us The Top BUMD in 2021 for the category assets of 50 trillion up  to 100 trillion rupiahs, “he explained.

Meanwhile, accumulated lending and financing during 2020 reached of  51.11 trillion rupiahs, growing 4.39% from the previous year amounting to 48.95 trillion rupiahs. DPK collection amounted to 58.98 trillion rupiahs, growing 19.62% compared to the previous year amounting to   49.30 trillion rupiahs.

“Let’s watch and maintain it together. The  ethics code for Bank Jateng’s people and the values ​​of our corporate culture continue to be embedded in our hearts to be the pillars of all the business activities carried out by  Bank Jateng, we all love do this together, “said Supriyatno.

Even in the midst of the current chaos, Supriyatno invited all the Bank Jateng employees to remain be optimistic and proud. Since Bank Jateng has made many achievements throughout 2020, including the rank I of Customer Purchase, Satisfaction – ATM (Infobank – MRI), the Best Bank 2020 in the BPD Category with Core Capital of  5 trillion –  30 trillion  rupiahs(Berita Satu), the Diamond Trophy 2020 – For the Financial Performance with Predicate Excellent During 2000 – 2019 (Infobank), The Most Innovative Regional Bank (CNBC Indonesia), as well as other awards.

He also expressed the challenges ahead. Namely changes due to the ongoing technological developments, especially in the midst of digital technology developments which enters the 5G era.

This situation is in line with the increasing of customers tendency  to seek the convenient, practical, and safe also an alternative banking services and products  especially in the pandemic situation where are digital services  solution in the midst of the mobility limitations .

Responding to this phenomenon, according to him, in 2020 Bank Jateng has continued to digitize the banking in to a better stage, including by issuing the BIMA Mobile Banking, QRIS, and e-wallets services.

Bank Jateng of the Finance Director, Dwi Agus Pramudya added  this year’s anniversary theme  is  ‘Gemilang Yakin Menang’. Although no one knows what the challenges ahead, they must have optimism.

“We will build a solid team. We will carry out  the commissioners directives and directions to maintain the sustainability of Bank Jateng,” he said at Bank Jateng’s head office on Jalan Pemuda, Semarang City.

The Anniversary activities

Meanwhile, in celebrating the 58th anniversary of Bank Jateng, it’s  packaged a series of activities. Some of the activities carried out included a pilgrimage to the former Directors of Bank Jateng, social activities  of giving compassion to the brothers and sisters  families who had preceded  during 2020-2021 due to the impact of covid-19 and giving compensation to the orphanages and  their sons and daughters, the daughter of drivers, security, messengers, and cleaning service  personnel of PT Grinatha. In commemoration of the 58th anniversary, there were also competitions, including an English speech contest, a micro service of unit performance competition, and an operational office performance competition.