Temporary Active Regent of Kebumen Satisfied to Bank Jateng Internet Banking Sophistication

Temporary Active Regent of Kebumen Regent KH Yazid Mahfudz claimed to be satisfied with Bank Jateng’s internet banking (i-banking) service sophistication. This was conveyed by the Regent after activating i-banking by the iPhone and successfully transacting in the transfers and cash withdrawals form without an ATM card, Tuesday (4/9).

Coinciding with National Customer Day, the number one person in the Kebumen District Government was present among customers and employees at the Bank Jateng Office, Kebumen on Pahlawan Branch Street Number 177 Kebumen. Accompanied by the Economic and Development Assistant of Kebumen Regional Secretary H Tri Haryono Bupati gave a briefing to the Branch Leader and staff.

Yazid Mahfudz appreciated to Bank Jateng internet banking service. Internet banking services are proof in fact Bank Jateng is able to innovate in accordance with the demands of this all-digital era. “This product makes it easy for customers to connect to Bank Jateng wherever they are safely and easily,” said Yazid Mahfudz on the sidelines event.

On that occasion, Gus Yazid, his nickname, asked Bank Jateng to further improve the quality of services to Kebumen District Government, the ASN ranks and the general public in Kebumen. Since ASN salaries in Kebumen District Government have already been paid 100 percent through Bank Jateng accounts.

Bank Jateng was also asked to always help in providing the business capital loans to MSMEs including other assistance in the CSR form. On behalf of Kebumen Regency Government, Gus Yazid expressed his appreciation to all Bank Jateng customers. “Bank Jateng shares are from Kebumen Regency, therefore customers who saving at Bank Jateng also participate in the development in Kebumen,” he said.

Bank Jateng Branch Manager of Kebumen Parmono explained, digital services in Bank Jateng Internet banking form are in the framework of banking acceleration and improving services to thecustomers. Carrying the tagline “Transactions anywhere and anytime”, Bank Jateng internet banking tries to provide banking transactions wherever and whenever customers are.

Parmono said, Bank Jateng internet banking comes with simple features are easily accessible. Internet banking encapsulates all banking facilities in one access and is equipped with various services which can be enjoyed by all the customers. Start checking balances and checking mutations, transfers between Bank Jateng, other banks, purchasing credit vouchers, university payments, UN, RSU, PDAM, education, multipayments such as trains, internet of Telkom, MNC Vision, Transvision and Citilink.