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E-Market Information Retribution to Traders in Pemalang District

Bank Jateng of Pemalang gave E-Retribution Market Information to traders who collaborated with Bank Indonesia of Tegal and Pemalang Regency Government. The electronic levy collection system or E-Retribution will be the solution to the obstacles are often experienced by regional governments when collecting contributions or retributions from their citizens who have the main livelihood in…

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Bank Jateng Belik Branch Distributes 25,000 Liters of Clean Water

The hitted dry season for the last three months has had a negative impact on the community survival due to the difficulty of getting clean water. In addition, agricultural products are also not optimal since there are many dry agricultural lands. Based on the data from the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Pemalang Regency,…

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2018 Central Java People’s Party at Widuri Beach, Pemalang

pesta rakyat 2018

In the 68th Central Java Province Anniversary framework, Pemalang Regency was appointed to host the 2018 Central Java People’s Party. The Central Java People’s Party was held at Widuri Beach in Pemalang for 3 days from 18-20 August 2018. Pemalang Regency is a business route where there are many tourist areas developed according to the…

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Inauguration of UN Tax Payment, BPHTB, Tapping Box Online at Pemalang

Pemalang, April 24, 2018. Launching e-Link Pajek (UN Online, Tapping Box, BPHTB Online) by BAPENDA Pemalang District in cooperation with Bank Jateng Branch Pemalang conduct the inauguration of tax payments PBB, BPHTB, Tapping box online. The event was attended by Mr. Regent of Pemalang Regency which on this occasion represented by Mr. Drs H Martono…

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Central Java Bank CMS Application Helps Treasurer Doing Department Service

Socialization of the non-cash transactions implementation (TNT) within Pemalang Regency Regional Secretariat. In this case Central Java Bank of Pemalang Branch requested by the ¬†Pemalang Regency Regional Secretariat as a Socialization and Bintek Resource related to CMS (cash management system). The socialization aims to provide information to the expenditures and treasurer treasurer of the assistants…

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