Supriyatno, Director of Bank Jateng Becomes the General Chairman of Regional Development Bank Association (Asbanda)

Director of Bank Jateng, Dr. Supriyatno, MBA was elected as The General Chairman of Regional Development Bank Association (Asbanda) at the Extraordinary National Conference (Munaslub) held on Monday, March 4, 2019 at Asbanda Office, MTH Tower, Jakarta.

ASBANDA consists of 27 Regional Development Banks (BPD) throughout Indonesia as a unifying forum to strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperative relations between BPDs throughout Indonesia. By the BPD Transformation Program, Asbanda has been able to bring BPD-SI to a better direction.

At the General Assembly of the General Chairman election was very democratic and agreed to choose Supriyatno, as the new Chairman of Asbanda, to replace Kresno Sediarsi who was resigned.

In addition, being attended by the BPD Executive Board and Director throughout Indonesia, the General Assembly was also attended by Deputy Commissioner IV of the FSA, Teguh Supangkat.

In his speech, Teguh Supangkat reminded the importance role of Asbanda, taking BPD into a calculated force in the national banking arena.

“Externally the opportunity for BPD is very large, but it has not been worked out well since BPD still faces many internal problems,” he said. He gave an example, Human Resources and technology are the big challenges faced by BPD, to compete with the other national banks.

“The new management of Asbanda must establish synergy, therefore BPD is not just a transformation, but it can be even greater,” said Teguh.

Joint Work Commitments

On that occasion, Supriyatno as the Chairman of Asbanda elected expressed his commitment to work together, with the BPD Directors and other stakeholders, to realize the Asbanda aspiration as the bearer of aspiration of BPD-SI to the national level.

“Together with other BPD Directors, we will synchronize the Asbanda University role, to accelerate more BPD’s human capital capabilities and technology on market,” he explained.

Future plans, Asbanda will reinforce the position of the actual BPD.

“Together with other stakeholders, such as the DPR, Ministry of Home Affairs and OJK, we will encourage the Banking Bill completion and synchronization of BPD regulations,” said the man who is usually called Nano.

He gave an example, the lack of regulations’ synchronization in PP 54 of 2017 concerning to BUMD with the OJK Regulations specifically the regulating banks, including BPD.

“It still needs the Government and the OJK support, therefore BPD can strengthen the capital through non-local government parties, both of the strategic partnership and IPO options,” he said.

It was also emphasized, BPD SI good corporate governance (GCG) of enforcement in relation to the role of BPD as the Regional Cash Holders.

“As the Regional Government’s main partner, BPD will cooperate with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to help in enforcing governance in managing the regional finance,” he concluded.