Submission of SHAT in Pemalang Regency was followed by Capital Socialization by Bank Jateng

Pemalang, Ujung Gede Village Hall – Certificate Submission of Land Rights (SHAT) is a program from the government by replacing letter C land letter into a form of land title certificate. The target of the certificate change was the UMKM doers in Pemalang area which had been recorded by Diskoperindag as many as 500 MSMEs. The activity was supported by Diskoperindag and BPN by cooperating to Bank Jateng as a capital agent. In this activity Bank Jateng gave a socialization regarding the credit of Mitra Jateng 25 and KUR (People’s Business Credit) for MSME doers. The activity was attended by Pemalang Regent, Chairman of the PKK Driving Team, Head of Diskoperindag, and Ampelgading Sub-District Head. The opening was carried out by the Chairperson of the PKK Operational Committee Team Ms. Irna Setiawati Junaedi by cutting the jasmine ribbons which signaled the UMKM opening exhibition and continued at the core event, namely the submission of certificates and socialization of capital access for SMEs delivered by Bank Jateng. Submission of certificates directly by Pemalang Regent, Mr. Juanedi, SH, MM to 500 certificate recipients. “With the certificate of land rights, it can be used as a guarantee for MSME doers to apply for credit to improve their business, this was explained by the Regent in his speech.

Bank Jateng of Branch Pemalang Marketing Team