Submission of Operational Service Car Assistance To Bank Jateng BPKAD Partners of Central Java Province

SEMARANG – As a Government-Owned Bank, Bank Jateng continues to be committed to providing the excellent service. Bank Jateng, is also ready to provide support for the success of Local Government programs.

In order to assist the tasks of the Central Java Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD), Bank Jateng hands over one operational vehicle.

The handover of the operational vehicle was handed over directly by the Head of Bank Jateng, Suprojo, to the Head of  Central Java BPKAD, Sumarno.

“This is in order to assist the tasks of BPKAD. Considering we as a Regional Bank together with the Regional Government always work together in development, “said the Main Branch of Bank Jateng Head, Suprojo, in Gedung Wanita, Friday (2/21/2020).

Suprojo added, Bank Jateng will also distributes similar assistance to the Regional Government which does require operational vehicles in serving the community.

“For a while at BPKAD. This is also just the beginning of the year. We don’t know yet whether someone will propose operational vehicles again later. If it supports performance and impacts on Bank Jateng, it will be considered, “he added.

It is hope that in addition to being able to provide the maximum services to the community, the operational vehicle assistance will also have an impact on the PAD for Central Java region development.

“We hope that BPKAD’s performance can be more maximized and PAD can rise. If PAD rises, it is also hoped that development will improve, “he said