Strengthening Gathering, Bank Jateng Commits to Continue the Increase Achievement

Bank Jateng’s Managing Director, Supriyatno revealed, one of the keys to building success is by strengthening the relationship.

Therefore, Bank Jateng is committed to continuously strengthening friendship, both in the external and internal spheres.

That was said by Supriyatno when giving a speech in the big family Halal Bihalal Bank Jateng, at the Gumaya Tower Hotel Ballroom Semarang on Friday (6/14/2019) night.

In the historical context, Supriyatno said hospitality is often a powerful medium for resolving relationship between citizens. Likewise, in everyday relationships. He gave an example of communication ethics.

“Communication problems between us can arise from all angles. The choice of words and intonation of inappropriate words can be a wrong meaning. “The expression on your face can also be the beginning of a problem of misinterpretation,” he explained.

He continued, in the official relationship, it could be the staffing policy decided by the Board of Directors to open the employee’s interpretation of likes or dislike concerned and culminate in a scratch.

“Halal bi Halal, the big family of Bank Jateng is certainly a momentum to knit the mood to melt in warmth. Since indeed, there are no achievements carved without good cooperation, “said Supriyatno.

According to him, so far Bank Jateng has been running quite well. This is inseparable from the management commitment and all employees to bring the bank to a healthy, growing, and beneficial regional development.

“Thank God, the hope has already begun to bear fruit. According to OJK’s assessment for two consecutive periods in June and December 2018, Bank Jateng was declared as a Healthy Bank, “he explained.

In addition, total assets grew placed at Bank Jateng as BPD with the second largest asset of 27 BPDs in Indonesia. Besides since 2018, Bank Jateng has been determined by the OJK to rise in becoming a 3 BOOK Category of Public Bank.

Meanwhile, Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo hopes Bank Jateng can consistently bring progress to this province. According to him, all achievements achieved must be maintained, slowly must be improved.

“Bank Jateng hopefully remains consistent. Regarding various external challenges, it must be well anticipated, “he concluded. (*)

Editor: Ricky Fitriyanto