Sragen Regency Government and Bank Jateng Distribute BLT Village Fund

SRAGEN. The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Sragen cooperates with Bank Jateng of Sragen Branch to reflow Village Cash Direct Assistance (BLT – DD) to the  co-19 affected communities. In the first stage, the aid distribution of 600 thousand rupiahs was carried out in three villages with a total of 400 KK recipients and was handed over to 77 representatives.

In Phase I three villages received BLT-DD among others, Pringanom Village (Masaran District), Slendro Village (Gesi District), and Sumberejo Village (Mondokan District).

The aid symbolic routed was done by Sragen Regent, Dr. Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati, accompanied by the Head of Community and Village Empowerment Service (PMD) of Sragen, Joko Suratno, the Head of Bank BPD Jateng, Retno Tri Wulandari in the Branch Office yard of Bank Jateng on Tuesday (05/19/2020).

On that occasion, the Sragen Regent ordered, BLT-DD recipients use the money to buy the basic necessities.

“Buy rice, eggs, cooking oil or other basic needs. The important thing is a month’s needs can be fulfilled. Don’t buy it for non-essential purposes, “the Regent ordered.

The Regent explained, the BLT-DD Recipient Criteria were poor families who were not included in the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and Saraswati Menur, laid-off Workers / Employees or Termination of Employment (PHK), Small Traders / MSMEs who could not carry out their work.

“In addition, informal workers who cannot earn income or carry out their work, who are vulnerable to chronic / chronic illness family members, as well as overseas affected or not earning income in Sragen (there is a certificate of affected residents from RT / RW as known by the Village Head), “Explained the Regent.

Regarding BLT-DD prospective recipient data, the Regent explained if the prospective recipient’s data had to be determined in a special Village Conference, it was stated in the Village Head Regulation was asked for approval by the sub-district Regent .

“On the behalf of he Regent endorsed the data of BLT-DD recipient candidates by first ensuring that no Family Head (KK) entered DTKS and the Saraswati Menur Card holder,” he explained.

“After the data is validated by the District Head on behalf of the Regent, the Village must make changes to the Village Budget and be inputted in Siskeudes,” he continued.

The Regent said that as on Sunday (17/5), the number of villages deliberation were 163 villages.

“The number of prospective BLT-DD recipients in 163 villages is 20,652 families while the number of been Musdes villages are less than 33 villages,” he explained.

The head of Bank Jateng, Sragen Branch – Retno Tri Wulandari conveyed the assistance received as a distribution form of the Non Cash Transaction Movement (NCT) where before the aid funds were routed to the authorized recipients of Assistance by the Sragen Regency Government through the District Head, a Virtual Account was made, subsequently distributed by Bank Jateng Teller officer according to the Population Identification Number (NIK)

In the context of social and physical distancing of BLT-DD receipts with a representative system, the BLT-DD Recipients in one RT designating in one recipient and giving the power of attorney to the concerned parties as representing the BLT-DD collection for all the RT concerned recipients as.

(Bank Jateng Market Team of Sragen)