Simply Transfer from Home, Transaction Limit Added Doubled

Bank Jateng increased the limits on BPD Card debit card and ibanking transactions of Bank Jateng  doubled during the corona virus emergency response period (covid-19). Increased transaction limits apply to all card’s types namely silver, gold and platinum. The change also applies to each type of transactions includes cash withdrawals, EDC debits, bank ATM transfers, and cooperative bank ATM transfers.

Maximize the banking transactions to #stay@home by using Bank Jateng ibanking. Ibanking Bank Jateng provides the balance checking convenience services, mutation checks, transfers of Bank Jateng or Other Banks, Purchases of Electricity Tokens & Credit Vouchers, Payment of BPJS / PDAM / PBB / Tax / Retribution / Electricity of PLN / Cable TV, and No Cards Cash Withdrawal.

Detailed information regarding changes to the BPD Card transaction limit can be accessed through