Simpeda Lottery of Bank BPD Indonesia Lottery Savings (BPD SI) Period II in 2018

SOLO -The excitement coloring the lottery of the Regional Development Bank Indonesia (BPD SI) Simpeda Savings in 2018 entitled “BPB 3 billion Bank of Fortune Revenue” which was held at Alila Solo Hotel Ballroom on Friday (2/22/2019).

The excitement was from the Indonesian BPD 26 directors and leaders faces who were members of the Regional Development Bank Association (ASBANDA) and around 1500 Bank BPD customers who were present at that time. Since they were entertained by the golden voices of Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) and Tompi who performed in the special concert.

In addition, a number of customers get luck since their names came out as the winners and are entitled to a total of 3 billion rupiahs. The prize value consists of a grand prize of 500 million rupiahs for 1 winner, the second prize of 100 million rupiahs for 4 winners, and 26 third winners’ prize of 50 million rupiahs each.

Then the fourth prize worth 5 million rupiahs for 26 winners, the fifth prize each 2.5 million rupiahs for 26 winners, the sixth prize each 2 million rupiahs for 52 winners, the seventh prize 1.5 million rupiahs each for 104 winners, and the eighth prize of 1 million rupiahs each were distributed to 345 winners.

Successfully getting a grand prize of 500 million rupiahs is a customer of Bank Bali. The second grand prize prize is 100 million rupiahs for 4 customers as namely the customers from Bank Jateng, Bank Bali, Bank Sultra, and Bank Jatim.

“The Simpeda lottery is regularly held twice a year by Asbanda and BPD throughout Indonesia. Lottery is held annually from province to province. In the previous year, the lottery was held in Nusa Tenggara and West Java. Then in 2018 the lottery was held in North Sulawesi and Bandar Lampung. “This year Central Java is the host of the 2nd Period Simpeda Savings National Lottery in 2019,” said the Director of Bank Jateng, Supriyatno.

Chairperson of Asbanda, Kresno Sediarsi added, the Simpeda Savings which forms the basis of the lottery is a BPD unifying product throughout Indonesia. “The number of customers as the end of December 2018 was 7,653,175 savers, with Simpeda’s balance of 57, 78 trillion rupiahs,” he said.

National Seminar

Before the lottery, on the same day, Asbanda held a national seminar on Regional Development Bank Indonesia (BPDI) with the theme of “The Role of BPD SI in Supporting the Regional Revenue Optimization Programs” at Sunan Solo Hotel.

On this occasion the Chairperson of ASBANDA conveyed that optimizing regional revenues was a program of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). It is also a derivative transformation section of the BPD which emphasizes aspects of good governance, the ability to become a bank that supports the regional development, manages the regional treasury, and increases the local revenue.

Therefore, he stressed, BPD must be able to become a leader and mentor with already underway transformation program. He also delivered the several achievements, including the launching of the Manual Compliance (BPP), launching of Asbanda University kicks off of the Sharia Business Unit (UUS) merger, BPD, and swicthing integration of BPD SI.