Undian Simpeda 2019 Panen Rejeki Bank BPD diselenggarakan di Jawa Tengah

Simpeda lottery 2019: Harvest BPD Bank Fortune is held in Central Java

Simpeda Lottery is a routine event held twice a year by ASBANDA and BPD throughout Indonesia. Sweepstakes are held annually from provinces to provinces throughout Indonesia. In the previous year, the lottery was held in Nusa Tenggara and West Java. In 2018 the lottery was held in North Sulawesi and Bandar Lampung. In 2019, precisely this year the 2nd Period of SIMPEDA Savings National Lottery Year XXIX-2019 will be held in Central Java Province, precisely in Surakarta on February 22, 2019. Bank Jateng was chosen as the host of the event organizers. Wait for the information on the Simpeda savings promotion program on the Bank Jateng’s website.

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