Short Film Competition of Indonesian Independence Day Celebration Bank Jateng

Participant Provisions

  • Participants in the competition are internal employees of Bank Jateng and the entire public.
  • You must follow the Instagram account @bankjateng and the Youtube Channel of Bank Jateng:
  • Identification Card Data and Participant’s HP / WA Number are included together when sending the results of the Film Sent via Email.
  • Participants must post the results of the film to their personal YouTube channel by including the hashtags # HUTRI74 and #HUTRIbankjateng

Film Content Criteria

  • Contains documentation of laser appearances and lighting arrangements in Bank Jateng’s Building Jl Pemuda 142 Semarang.
  • The contents of the short film must be interesting, inspiring and illustrate the excitement of the 74th Indonesian Independence Day celebration
  • Showing the excitement, the splendor of laser beams and lighting moments in Bank Jateng’s building Jl Pemuda 142 Semarang
  • The power of film is to use visual elements in telling stories or conveying the message of the theme “Merdeka and Shining Together with Bank Jateng” (dialogue, music, sound effects) can still be used as a support.
  • The contents of the film can be uplifting in participating to enliven the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day.
  • An expression that is free but still maintains the values ​​of politeness, does not offend SARA, and does not contain pornography.
  • Emphasizing ideas or ideas while considering the element of beauty from a technical angle, both cameras, artistic, organizing, music, and editing.
  • Short Film Arrangement consists of:
  • Bank Jateng’s Logo
  • Film Story (required to include Visual Laser & Lighting in Bank Jateng’s Building)
  • Message & Spirit of Independence

Technical Criteria

  • Film Duration: Maximum 3 (three) Minutes.
  • Films can be made using the following equipment:
  • Digital cameras (DSLRs, Handy-Cam, GoPro, etc.)
  • Other types of devices (gadgets) that support the 4K / Ultra High Definition format.
  • Drones with a maximum height of 90 meters with a rotation limit of around 50 meters.
  • Final Results in the form of data, with alternative formats:
  • QuickTime Movie (mov), sound rate: 48,000 khz, size: 16 bits. 30 Fps, with Aspect Ratio: 16: 9.
  • Mpeg 4 (Mp 4), Image size: 1920 × 1080 HD, 30 fps.
  • Does not use footage, and stock-shot images obtained from public sites (Free)
  • Do not use music / song, without permission of the copyright owner of the work
  • The work is sent via email with Subject: # Film shortHUTRI-Film Title
  • Submissions should be sent no later than August 20, 2019.
  • All winning works will be uploaded on Bank Jateng’s YouTube channel.
  • All works will be judged by the jury on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.
  • Announcement of winners will be announced on IG Story Instagram account @bankjateng and Website

Contest Prizes:

  • First Champion: Saving Bima Worth 3,000,000 rupiahs
  • Second Champion: Bima Savings Worth 2,500,000 rupiahs
  • Third Champion: Bima Savings Worth 2,000,000 rupiahs