#SafeTips To Make transactions at Bank Jateng ATMs

How are you lur, with the transactions increasing use at ATM machines during the pandemic? There have been transactions several misuse due to the customer ignorance of using the secure of ATM transactions. Therefore, Mas Bima advised brothers to continue implementing the following safe tips:

Before Transaction Make Sure ATM Condition is Normal and Good

Make sure the entire machine and its surroundings are not suspicious. Avoid using ATMs if you encounter the following conditions:

  • ATM card has difficulty entering or jamming
  • Card slot Larger and easy to wobble

When making transactions, always keep your ATM PIN confidentially

Always close the keypad when entering the PIN code, in order to maintain the confidentiality of the PIN from the irresponsible parties who try to peek.

After Transaction, Save Your ATM Card Correctly

Before leaving the ATM machine, make sure the transaction area is clean and the ATM card is stored.

Change ATM PIN Password Periodically

Change your PIN regularly with a numbers of combination that is easy to remember and not easy to guess.

Do not lend your ATM card to anyone

Do not borrow an ATM card and notify your PIN, since it is private and only we have the right to know. This includes people who claim to be bank officers, since bank officers never ask for a PIN.

If Find Difficulty In Transaction Contact Call Center 14066

Ignore the parties who offer assistance in the ATM room, if there is a problem, immediately contact the Call Center of Bank Jateng at 14066

For further information, please contact the nearest Bank Jateng’s branch or sub-branch offices, Bank Jateng’s  Call Center at 14066.