Retired civil servant wins Xpander Bima Lottery of Bank Jateng

SEMARANG – In the context of the Lottery Prizes Event Series of BIMA Savings Customers 2nd Period in Bank Jateng 2019 which have been completed on March 14, 2020 in Dieng, Central Java, the Main Branch of Bank Jateng has handed over Prizes of 1 Mitsubishi Xpander to Agus Sutrisno (retired PNS) in Bank Jateng’s Branch Office (03/04).

For 3 winners who are lucky to get 1 Yamaha N-Max are Soedarminto (Main Branch) Ahmad Muzani (Main Branch) and Tohari (Sub-Branch Office) while the 10 Gram Gold Prize Winners namely Rahmawati (Main Branch), Mohamad Nurhadi (Main Branch) and Hariyono ( Sub-Branch Office)

All of them are residents of Semarang starting from ASN, Pensioners, Private Employees and Entrepreneurs. They all said they were happy and excited about the gift, “like a dream,” said Mr. Agus, not believing that he just got an Xpander, “should be thankful to Bank Jateng, as they were filled with tears.

The prize presentation was represented by Imam Hanafi as the Main Branch Head of Marketing and Murtiyo as the Main Branch Head of Bank Jateng’s Service Division, accompanied by Medi Santoso as the Head  of Bank  Jateng Semarang Sub-Branch office.

Imam Hanafi as the Head of Marketing representing those present at the time told the Customers to continue increasing their savings balance since the probability of getting a prize was also greater  when Bima Savings Lottery was conducted 2 times in 1 year and drawn based on the area of Bank Jateng Branch Offices in each Regency / City with the same prize, namely as Mitsubishi Xpander, Yamaha N-Max and Gold also provided 1 Grand Prize for saver customers of 1 Mitsubishi Pajero drawn in all Central Java.