Relocation Inauguration of Bangsri and Pecangaan Sub Branch Offices New Building

Acting (Acting) Regent of Jepara, Dian Kristiandi Inaugurated Bank Jateng of Bangsri Sub-Branch Office (KCP) and the Central Building of Bank Jateng of Pecangaan Sub-Branch Office (KCP) Relocation. The inauguration of the new building was marked by the signing of the stone inscription at the Bank Jateng Sub Branch Offices Building on Monday (19/8).

The event was attended by members of Jepara Regency DPRD, Hadi Patenak, Jepara Regional Secretary Edy Sujatmiko, BPKAD Head Lukito Sudi Asmoro, Forkopimcam Bangsri, Kembang Sub-District Head, Keling. Donorojo, business partners and customer representatives. Also presented was the Director of Operations and Digital Banking, Rahadi Widayanto who was accompanied by Branch Manager Jepara Ismanto, along with Branch Managers as Pati Coordinators,

Director of Operations and Digital Banking of Bank Jateng, Rahadi Widayanto, said Bank Jateng is a financial institution whose shares are owned by Central Java Provincial Government, and also all Regencies / Municipalities, including Jepara Regency. Moreover, the results of operations obtained are returned as local revenue (PAD), both in the form of demand deposits and dividends that always increase.

It was said that the capital of Jepara Regency Government in 2018 was recorded at 18.5 billion rupiahs with dividends received at 3,778 billion rupiahs. While capital in 2019 is planned to be 18.5 billion rupiahs with dividends to be received at 4.162 billion rupiahs. With this large amount of capital, it can be utilized for considerable credit expansion and also adding office and service networks in several areas in Central Java and beyond.

Bangsri Sub Branch Office (KCP) is intended to meet the needs of the community in Bangsri, Kembung, Keling and Donorojo Districts, while for Pecangaan Sub Branch Office (KCP) to meet the community needs of Pecangaan, Kedung and Kalinyamatan Districts, there are Troso weaving, monel, convection and modern factory craftsmen.

Relocation of Bangsri Sub Branch Office (KCP) and Inauguration of Pecangaan Sub Branch Office (KCP) New Building, are expected to answer the needs and can increasingly improve services to the community. Described, until August 2019, Bank Jateng has had a network of 41 Branch Offices including in Jakarta and DIY. There are 138 KCP, 173 cash offices, 315 payment points, 156 Sharia services, 928 ATMs, 39 mobile cash cars, 456 EDCs, and 623 smart sales agents. Acting Jepara Regent, Dian Kristiandi hopes that the board of directors of Bank Jateng will also consider adding office networks or opening new branch offices in Karimunjawa sub-district area.

This is intended to provide convenience to the people of Karimunjawa to access capital at the Bank of Jateng. Moreover, the development of marine tourism Karimunjawa began to stretch.

The Deputy Regent, who is usually called Andi. also hopes that the Bank Jateng, especially those in Jepara Regency to make a variety of new breakthroughs to serve and facilitate the community in accessing capital. He gave an example, SMEs, including market traders need capital loan services of 1 million to 2 million rupiahs quickly.

On that occasion, the Acting Regent delivered the news that the main prize of Jepara Branch Office in Jepara was Toyota Expander, which was won by Sub Branch Office (KCP) Bangsri customer, Rofika Dewi, a resident of Kaliaman Village, Kembang District. On that occasion, teachers at SDN 3 Tubanan, Kembung were invited to the stage. Bangsri Sub Branch Office (KCP) leader Sulistiyono Feryanto said the delivery of prizes at the Jepara Branch Office was scheduled for late August or early September.