Rehabilitation of 50 RTLH Units in Rembang

REMBANG – The Rembang Regency Government successfully hosted the commemoration of National Solidarity Day (HKSN) in Central Java, which was held in Meteseh Village, Kaliori District. Present at the event were Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and Rembang Regent Abdul Hafidz.

Meteseh Kaliori was chosen as the host because it is a fostered village of the Social Service of Central Java. This is in accordance with the policy of the Governor of Central Java to provide assistance to poor villages.

In the activity a number of social actions were carried out including the distribution of groceries and increasing the quality of the RTLH.  Specifically, for the rehabilitation of 50 RTLH units, funds were sourced from Bank Jateng CSR. The assistance was given to residents in Rembang Regency, especially Meteseh Village, Kaliori District.

Home renovation targets as many as 50 units each with an allocation of 15 million rupiahs. Thus, the budget disbursed from Bank Jateng CSR funds reached around 750 million rupiahs.

The Regent of Rembang, Abdul Hafidz hoped, the holding of the Central Java HKSN in Rembang could arouse empathy for other people’s difficulties through real action. He claimed, all this time togetherness in efforts to build social welfare in Rembang can run well.

The reason is that the three pillars of development, namely the government, the business world and the community, have synergized with the spirit of mutual cooperation to realize social welfare, according to their respective roles. The government through its regulations and policies, while the business world through social responsibility, while the community with their active participation.

The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, appealed to the HKSN for assistance to people in need. “In Rembang, I had graduated from PKH and had it sold. This is a good example. Need good manners, need guards, we need justice between us. Fair is not flat, sir. Since, those who are already able, do not have to accept it anymore, “he explained.

Head of Bank Jateng of Rembang Branch, Aqum Salimi said, RTLH assistance is a form of corporate concern for the people of Rembang. The hope, the assistance is able to help people in need.