“Ramadan Berbagi” with Bank Jateng

“Jalan jalan ke Ibu Kota, jangan lupa beli buah Durian

Bulan Ramadhan telah tiba, mari berlomba berbuat kebaikan”

Concerning for others is an affection form that we give to our brothers and sisters. One way to be care for others is to share with our brothers and sisters who are in need. Just open the Bima Savings and hold your balance to share happiness with those in need.

Program period

April 15 – May 15, 2021


  • Have a General Bima Savings / Bima Kencana Savings / General Simpeda Savings / Hipprada Simpeda Savings
  • Fresh Fund
  • New customers with a minimum initial deposit of   3,000,000 rupiahs
  • Existing customers have a minimum Bank Jateng’s Savings balance of  1,000,000 rupiahs and a minimum Top Up balance of 2,000,000 rupiahs.
  • Hold balance for the 3 months

Nominal Acquisition of Ramadan package:


  •  Not valid for the customers who make withdrawals from the existing savings at Bank Jateng
  • All new and existing customers who make an initial deposit or top up the balance will get a Ramadan package with the nominal of  100,000 rupiahs   and a maximum gift of  1,000,000 rupiahs.