Public Auction with Prequalification of Temanggung Branch Office Building Construction

The Announcement of General Auction with Prequalification

Number: 024/KEG.BPD11/8/2018

The office development tender committee at BPD Jateng will conduct an auction for the office buildings construction at BPD Jateng with the prequalification for the construction work package as follows:

Work Package

  1. The work package name : Bank Jateng Temanggung Branch Office building construction, Temanggung Regency
  2. Working Scope : Office Building Width
  3. Job location : S. Parman Street No. 33, Temanggung
  4. HPS VALUE : Rp. 2.500.000.000, – (Two billion five hundred million two hundred thousand rupiahs)
  5. Source of funding : Budget and costs of BPD Jateng

Participant Requirements

An entrepreneurial qualification participant must have a construction business license (IUJK) and a valid business license (SIUP). Has a high / middle qualified qualification (M1 / M2 / B1 / B2) of building. Classification of subclassification commercial building construction services (BG004).

Procurement implementation schedule

No Activities Date Time Note
1. Announcement 16 August 2018 Paper and Announcement Board
2. Registration and document retrieval 20 – 28 August 2018 Office Hours Perakim Central Java Department Office
3. Briefing 24 August 2018 09.00 A.M – finish Perakim Central Java Department Office
4. Deadline for document entry 29 August 2018 09.00 A.M Perakim Central Java Department Office
5. Document research 29-31 August 2018  
6. Proof and clarification 3-5 September 2018 Office Hours Perakim Central Java Department Office
7. Proposal 6 September 2018  
8. Determination and announcement results 7 September 2018 15.00 P.M Announcement Board
9. Refute 8-14 September 2018
10. Invitation to document selection 17 September 208 Via Email


  1. Registrant of the president director / company leader / cooperative manager / head office / official whose name is listed in the company’s personal act
  2. Registrants can be represented by carrying an ID and a power of attorney from the president director / company leader / cooperative manager / branch head / official whose name is listed in the company establishment if the partner is named according to the partnership agreement / joint operation entitled to represent the KSO
  3. Hand in the company’s establishment, SBU & IUJK and submit a copy
  4. Hand in the company stamp
  5. One person is prohibited from representing more than one item / service in registering and taking procurement documents

Registration place and the document procurement

  1. Registration place : Public Housing and Department Office and ​Central Java Province Residential Area (Perakim Central Java Office) in Residential Area Room. BlokAA-BB Tawangmas, Semarang
  2. Time and registration & document place collection
    1. Monday to Thursday 8:00 A.M to 14:00 P.M
    2. Friday 08.00 A.M – 11.00 P.M
  3. Procurement documents can be taken in printed form

This was stated to be a concern

Semarang, August 16, 2018

Auction committee