Promote GPN Cards, Bank Jateng Collaborates with Temanggung Police

Located in the Car Free Day area in Temanggung Square, in front of the District Prosecutor’s Office, on Jalan Letjend Suprapto No 40, Temanggung Regency, the Millennial Road Safety Festival was held on Sunday (02/17/2019). The event was attended by Temanggung AKBP Regional Police Chief Officer, Wiyono Eko Prasetyo and Board Chairperson of Temanggung Branch Bhayangkari, Mrs. Fifi Wiyono Eko Prasetyo, and Temanggung community members around 500 people, used the Car Free Day media to deliver a number of directives and educate them about the importance of safety in traffic and this program is also a National program of the National Police Corps.

The event was opened by the Chief of Police Officers, containing a series of events such as walking, gymnastics, freestyle, drawing door prizes. Bank Jateng of Temanggung Branch participated in the activity by conducting several socializations related to I-Banking and replacing old ATM cards into GPN ATM cards. Socialization is done by inviting each customer directly to activate Bank Jateng’s I-Banking on the customer’s cellular telephone. Customers are invited to better understand the convenience of Bank Jateng service innovations only by using their private cellphones.

Bank Jateng credit products are still the superior product in Temanggung Regency community, especially for the employee and business loans. On this occasion Bank Jateng