Printer Procurement Auction Results 2019

Based on the approval from Bank Jateng’s Board of Directors, hereby the Printer Procurement Auction Committee 2019, after carrying out the the bid letter opening from the bidders and evaluating the offer, hereby announces that the Auction Winners are as follows:

Prospective Winner

  1. Company Name: CV GUPALA
  2. Address : Toko Jurnatan Blok B-49 Semarang
  3. No NPWP : 02.204,315.2-511,000
  4. Value of Auction : Rp. 2. 067,461,000, –
    Spelled out: Two Billion Sixty-Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty-One Thousand Rupiahs

Prospective Winner of Reserve I

  2. Address : Jl. Minister Supeno No. 44 B Semarang
  3. No NPWP : 73.254.451.5-508,000
  4. Value of Auction : Rp. 2. 075,996,000, –
    Spelled out: Two Billion Seventy-Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety-Six Thousand Rupiahs

For partners who feel objected to the auction’s results, we provide an opportunity to submit a written objection from the date of the announcement until April 1, 2019.Thank you for making a statement and for participating in the procurement auction.

Semarang, March 27, 2019

Auction Committee