Western Union is a money transfer / real time remittance service on line transactions made across countries or within a country.

Terms And Conditions

General requirements

  • Served by all Central Java Bank branches
  • Available to individual / Business Entity account / non account holder at Central Java Bank
  • Business Entity sender / recipient / authorization¬† shall submit the original proof of identity
  • Maximum outgoing nominal value Rp 20,000,000, - (Twenty million rupiahs)
  • The paying agent pays the transfers to beneficiaries the destination country local currency or currency agreed upon at the delivery time
  • The sender is charged for shippingAcceptance of remittances at Central Java Bank free of charge (except seal)

Money Transfer

  • Fill out and sign the cash transfer application and submit valid proof of identity.
  • Saving funds (rupiah currency) and valid identity card (SIM, KTP, Passport etc)
  • Notifies the transfer of data to the Beneficiary including the Sender's name, the amount of money sent, the country of origin of the transfer and the shipping reference number (MTCN / Money Transfer Control Number

Money Receipts

  • Fill out and sign the cash receipt application and submit valid proof of identity (driver's license, national identification, passport)
  • Knowing the transfer data which includes the Beneficiary name, Sender name, money sent amount, transfer and shipping origin country reference number / MTCN (required).
  • The data provided should be the same as the one listed in the Western Union system
  • Customer receives money in rupiah currency