E-PLO is an online form service for applying for unsecured loans that can be used for a variety of customer needs, where payments can be paid monthly with a tenor that is tailored to the desires and ability to repay customers with a quick and easy process. To get an E-PLO offer, please contact or visit the nearest Bank Jateng.


  1. Quick and easy process
  2. Competitive interest rates
  3. Loan ceiling of up to Rp 1 billion
  4. Credit facilities can be more than one (multiple accounts) following the applicable S&K
  5. Maximum credit period of 20 (twenty) years
  6. Insurance Coverage


  1. Is the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) regional autonomy (Pemda)
  2. Internet Banking users of Central Java Bank
  3. Aged between 21 - 55 years (when the loan is paid off)
  4. Payroll through a Bank account in Central Java


  1. Form of Futures Loans (aflopend)
  2. Complete the submission through E-PLO
  3. Loan installments a maximum of 90% (Ninety percent) of net salary
  4. Fees, administration fees, and insurance / guarantee premiums in accordance with applicable policies and conditions
  5. Loan penalty if paying off credit before maturity in accordance with the provisions

Steps for Applying for Credit through E-PLO

Calculator Simulation

Wilayah KTP
: Kota Semarang
Jenis Pekerjaan
: Karyawan Swasta
Usia Pemohon
: 27 Tahun
Jenis Nasabah
: Non Bank Jateng
Jangka Waktu
: 24 Tahun
Jangka Waktu
Total Pinjaman
: Rp.
: Rp. 546.000