Bank Jateng has facilitated STNK tax payments for taxpayers / obligatory deposit / payees.  Tax payment vehicles can be made at tellers, ATM machines, and e-Bima Apps by inputting one payment code obtained from the Online Tax Vehicle Application system or called SAKPOLE. SAKPOLE application can be downloaded for FREE on Google Play store.


Stages of Online Tax Vehicle Payment System (SAKPOLE)

  1. Taxpayer Data Registration
    Open the Application and select the Registration icon. Enter the Police Number, e-KTP, and Order Number (last 5 digits), select Register. Exit KBM Data display, if appropriate select continue
  2. Paying code creation
    Exit decision data display. If appropriate, select GET PAY CODE. You get a pay code
  3. Payment
    Make a payment using the payment code to Bank Jateng office through Bank Jateng Teller or ATM or Bank Jateng e-Money Apps. (See Payment Service information)
  4. Endorsement
    Bring proof of payment to the nearest SAMSAT location. Exchange with original SKPD (Maximum 14 working days).

Payment Service

Bank Jateng serves payments through:

  1. Bank Jateng Teller Office
    • Submit / show a pay code that contains numbers to the teller
    • The teller confirms the vehicle tax bill
    • Make payments to tellers
    • Save proof of payment, exchange immediately with the original SKPD at the nearest SAMSAT (maximum 14 working days)
  2. Bank Jateng ATM
    • Insert the ATM card, enter the ATM PIN
    • Select payment transaction
    • Select Tax
    • Choose E-Samsat Bank Jateng Enter the pay code, select press if correct
    • Confirm payment if you choose to pay correctly
    • Successful transaction, take receipt / receipt as payment proof
    • Save as payment proof
    • Save as payment proof, exchange immediately with the original SKPD at the nearest Samsat (Max. 14 working days)
  3. E-Bima Apps
    • Login Account of Bank Jateng e-Bima Apps
    • Click the transaction menu
    • Click the Jateng e-Samsat menu
    • Enter the Billing Code or Pay Code then click pay
    • Make sure all data is correct, enter PIN, click pay
    • Bank Jateng e-Samsat Payment bill was successful
    • Payment proof will be sent to email
    • Exchange immediately with the original SKPD at the nearest Samsat (Max 14 working days)