Is a cash withdrawal service without a BPD Card presented through one of the menus in the internet banking ( Perform cash withdrawal transactions without the need to carry a BPD card. Just relax!

How To Withdraw Cash

Login at, next:

  • The main menu select transfer
  • User selects cash withdrawal sub menu
  • Fill in and select the Source and the nominal of the Account Number, click Continue
  • Click approve if you are sure to be sent, click Cancel if there will be a cancellation
  • The PIN number will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • Users come to Bank Jateng ATM
  • Press the Enter key and select the Cash Withdrawal menu
  • Enter the PIN Number obtained, press the Continue button
  • Enter your registered mobile number, press the Resume button of the ATM machine will pay and provide proof of transfer

Other Provisions

  • The token is only valid for 10 minutes after the SMS token is sent to the user
  • The token is declared forfeited and the money will be returned to the account if the token is not used
  • Make transactions carefully