Bima Mobile is a safe and comfortable mobile banking application. The presence of Bima Mobile is the first step for Bank Jateng to strive to be better in the future in order to provide banking service options to all Bank Jateng's customers.  Simply by having a smartphone and connecting to the internet, you can enjoy Bima Mobile services in three steps:

  • Register at Bank Jateng ATMs
  • Financial Activation through the Bima Mobile application
  • Log in to the Bima Mobile application
  • then you step a head, to be Better!

Bima Mobile BENEFITS

  • EASY ACCESS - Only Mobile Number and Password can access the service.
  • MY ACCOUNT - Check account mutations and select accounts to be activated or hidden in the application.
  • TRANSFERS - Make transfers to your own account, Bank Jateng's account, or other bank accounts can be done in realtime.
  • TRANSACTION RECIPES - Can be shared with other applications more easily with the share menu.
  • BUY PAY - Make PBB payments and purchase credit in a new menu, namely Buy Pay
  • CARDLESS - Cardless cash withdrawals can be made with a new look.
  • INBOX - Displays your transaction notification information while in the application.

The Requirements to use Bima Mobile

The following conditions:

  • The customer already has a Bank Jateng account (Bima Savings, Bima Platinum Savings, General Simpeda Savings or Hipprada Savings) and has an ATM card (BPD Card of Bank Jateng)
  • The customer has registered the mobile number at the branch office's customer service.
  • The customer has registered via Bank Jateng's ATM.
  • The customer has activated via smartphone, knows and agrees to the terms and conditions for  Bank Jateng's Mobile Banking service when activating.
  • Customers have internet access to connect to Bank Jateng's Mobile Banking.
  • The customer's smartphone is not in a root or jailbreak condition, in order to anticipate the device is not being used by the  irresponsible parties
  • If the customer uses a dual sim card, the sim card registered in mobile banking must be in the slot 1 sim .
  • Customer has a mobile phone with minimum specifications:
    • Android: Marshmallow, 6.0 (Android)
    • Iphone: iOS 8
  • Customers are able to independently operate Bank Jateng's Mobile Banking.
  • Make sure you have registered for Mobile Banking at Bank Jateng's ATMs to be able to activate this service.

Infomartion How to Register & Activate

Bima Mobile Application

To use Bima Mobile service, immediately download Bima Mobile application on your smartphone.


Access google play, search for Bima mobile application, or enter the finance category then find Bima Mobile and select it.
Note: The minimum operating system can be used in Bima Mobile is Marshmallow, 6.0


Go to the app store, search for the Bima Mobile application, or enter the Finance category, then find Bima Mobile and select it.
Note: for IOS users, at least they use IOS 8.

Download Now


Change Password :

  • Main menu select utility
  • The user selects the sub menu to change the password
  • Enter the old password and create a new password, click Continue
  • Password successfully changed


  • Access the utility menu
  • The user selects the logout sub menu