To meet the housing needs  today, you definitely need what you want, but when you look at the price it will shock you just  don't worry, Bank Jateng has a solution.

From now on you can have the dream house that you want since Bank Jateng has a Prosperous KPR Credit for Low-Income Communities (MBR) with financing developed by the Housing Financing Fund Management Center (PPDPP) and the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) which makes the installments much more friendly.

Come on, what are you waiting for to make your dream home come true with KPR Sejahtera right now.


  1. Lenient  DP
  2. Fixed Rate 5% interest
  3. Installments up to 20 years

General Terms

The General Requirements for KPR Sejahtera from Bank Jateng:

  • Included in the category of Low Income Communities (MBR), namely having a fixed income (salary) or not permanent (average monthly business results), a maximum of 8 million rupiahs / month
  • Have never owned a house as evidenced by a certificate from thelocal RT / RW head  or the Head of the institution where he works or a certificate of rental / receipt
  • The maximum price of the house to be purchased is 150,500,000, - rupiahs
  • Must provide a Down Payment of at least 1% of the price of the house
  • KPR Sejahtera Value = House Price - Down Payment and SBUM *
  • The maximum credit period is 20 years
  • Fixed loan interest rate of 5% annuity / year
  • Administration fee of 250 thousand  rupiahs
  • 5% Provision of the credit limit

Installment Table

Terms And Conditions

Types of DocumentsCivil Servants / TNI / POLRI PrivateBussinessman
Original Application FormYaYaYa
FC of KTP YaYaYa
FC of KK YaYaYa
FC of Marriage Certificate YaYaYa
Color photo of 4x6 size YaYaYa
Income Statement / Salary Slip YaYa-
Income Statement Letter /
Annual Personal Income Tax Return
Statement Letter Not Owning a HouseYaYaYa


To apply for a   FLPP Sejahtera KPR, you can contact the nearest Bank Jateng's  Branch Office and do registration via  SiKasep Application by:

Scan the following QR Code

Download the SiKasep application on Android via the playstore


For more information, please visit the website of the Center for Housing Financing Fund Management