A savings set in Rupiah (Rp), reserved for individual / individual student / school students

Terms And Conditions

  1. Initial Deposit:  5,000, - rupiahs
  2. More Deposit:. 1,000, - rupiahs
  3. Not taken Minimum Balance: 5,000, - rupiahs
  4. Account opening is only given to students / students who do not have previous account / savings
  5. The Account opening shall be conducted in cooperation between the school and the Bank affirmed by the Cooperation Agreement;
  6. Filling out the Simple Account Opening Form;
  7. Submit a Student Card Copy.


  1. Free monthly administration fee
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals may be made at any time
  3. Can be withdrawn with BPD Card through Central Java Bank ATM, Bersama ATM Network, Prima ATM and EDC at Prima ATM Network
  4. Getting Reward for Account Opening
  5. Obtain the interest Fund Deposit Reward in lieu


Administration FeeNo Charge / Free
Dormant Account Penalty Fee per monthRp 1.000,-
Replacement Cost Passbook ExhaustedRp 10.000,-
Replacement Cost Damaged / Missing Passbook Damaged / Missing Tidak dikenakan/ Gratis
Cost On Clearing Line TOL Cashier Tidak dikenakan/ Gratis
Biaya On Line Tabungan POL TarikanTidak dikenakan/ Gratis
Cost On Clearing Line POL WithdrawRp 3.000,-