It is also a savings that in withdrawal case may be made at any time, reserved for the individual public or individual.

Terms And Conditions

  1. Initial Deposit: 20.000, - rupiahs
  2. More Deposit: 10.000, - rupiahs
  3. Not Taken Minimum Balance: 20.000, - rupiahs
  4. Filling Account Opening Application Form;
  5. Valid copy and valid Proof of Identity (e-KTP / Passport);
  6. Domicile License Copy for Foreign Citizens (Foreign Citizens)


  1. Free monthly administration fee
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals may be made at any time
  3. Can be withdrawn with BPD Card through Not Taken ATM, Bersama ATM Network, Prima ATM and EDC at  Prima ATM Network
  4. Interest is calculated based on daily balance.
  5. Withdrawal at counter Teller minimum 100.000, - rupiahs


Administration FeeNo Charge / Free
Account Closing Rp 20.000,- or matching
Current Account Copy Rp 2.500,-
Balance Tray Cost Rp 2.500,-
Replacement Cost Passbook Damaged / Missing No Charge / Free
Cost On Clearing Line TOL Cashier No Charge / Free
Cost On Clearing Line POL WithdrawNo Charge / Free