Product Information

Facing globalization in non-cash transactions. Bank Jateng seeks to provide convenience to all customers by launching Credit Card Bank Jateng in cooperation with Bank Mandiri.

Features and Facilities are Many and Varied

The reason is what makes Bank Jateng Bank Mandiri choose to be partners of Co Branding Credit Card Bank Jateng. Provides convenience for Bank Jateng customers to conduct non-cash transactions.

Credit Card Bank of Central Java is a card issued by Bank Mandiri under Visa license of Worlwide Pte. Limited with Bank Jateng as partner of Co Branding. With this partnership, Bank Jateng customers can have Bank Mandiri Credit Card benefits in Bank Jateng Credit Card.


Cardholders will get all the features and benefits of Mandiri Credit Card in Bank Jateng Credit Card. Consumers will get discount programs created exclusively for Bank Jateng customers.

Come and get Bank Credit Card application form at your nearest branch office and branch office. Bank Jateng will assist the process of filling your application for Bank Credit Card of Central Java.

*terms and Conditions apply

Type Of CardClassicGoldPlatinum
Minimal LimitRp 2 millionRp 10 millionRp 40 million
Maximum Limit< Rp 10 million< Rp 40 millionRp 500 million
Main CardRp 15.000 /monthRp 28.500 /monthRp 600 thousand/month
Additional CardRp 12.500 /monthRp 17.500 /monthRp 250 thousand/month
Bank JatengRp 25.000
ATM Bank JatengRp 10.000
Bank MandiriRp 25.000
Power Mileage---
Air Lounge--Card Holder
Power Point1 poin /Rp 20.0001 poin /Rp 20.0002 poin /Rp 20.000
Travel Accident Insurance--s/d Rp 5 billion
Travel Inconvenience Insurance--s/d Rp 25 million
Purchase Protection Insurance--s/d Rp 100 million
Retail Interest2,95 % per month
Interest Cash Withdrawal2,95 % per month
Payment Due Date20 days after the bill printing date

Terms & Conditions

  • Fill out your personal data according to KTP
  • Attach a copy of your Identity Card & Proof of income
  • Signature on approval column
  • Fold your documents & submission of your application immediately
  • Minimum age of 21-year-old cardholder
  • Applications that are not complete or not accompanied by the required documents will not be processed.
  • For processing the application is free of any administration fee.
  • For credit card application above Rp 50 million must attach NPWP.

The Completeness of Document
Private Employees / BUMN / PNSTNI/ POLRIEntrepreneur Professional
Photocopy of ID Card / Passport / Kitas / Kitap (for foreigners)YesYesYesYes
Last month's Salary / Certificate of Salary / Proof of Tax PaymentYesYes--
Proof of Tax Payment / Copy of Current Account / Savings for the last 3 months--YesYes
Photocopy of Practice License---Yes
Photocopy of Company Certificate and / or SIUP and NPWP--Yes-
Fill out the data on the application of Bank Credit Card application in fullYesYesYesYes